chapter 2: part 3

They were driving back, the car winding down the curbing road back into the town. Maya had her window down her eyes closed against the breeze that whipped her hair around her face. It was almost dark, and she'd spent the whole day with Eliza. It had been nice, to see her before Maya left. After all, she didn't know when, or if, she'd see her again. They drove in silence, the radio playing a soft classical number. 

Maya opened her eyes, was it just her imagination or did she she seem to be able to see better in the darkness than she had before? She appreciated the silence, it gave her time to think, it was strange; four days ago, she never would have believed that such things existed, now she'd opened herself up to more than she'd ever thought she'd come to.                                                   There'd been no more incidents since the fork-lizard, but she didn't fully trust herself, especially in public places. What would happen if- "Look out!" Maya screamed, jerking upright. Eliza yelled, and swerved.

"What is it!?" She shouted, slamming on the breaks. Maya looked around, squinting at the road ahead.

"I thought I saw... there was a..." She stopped, looking over at Eliza, who was breathing rapidly, her fingers white from gripping the steering wheel. "There was a deer, on the edge of the road, it started to run out and I was worried..." 

Eliza sighed, more in relief than anything. "Okay, well, try not to shout so loud next time" She chucked, and drove on. Maya laughed with her, but as she glanced in the mirror, she saw the man stood in the middle of the road was chuckling too.

The End

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