chapter 1: part 5

After Marc had left, she went to her room and listened to the same band she'd had on before. They were rapidly becoming her therapy band. She rolled to her bedside table, and opened the drawer. Inside lay some sketches, jewellery, notes, the whistle Leonardo had given her, and a photo. She pulled it out, it was of her and her father, just before he had been admitted to hospital. He'd come home one night, said he'd had a bad fall down some stairs and felt sick. She'd helped him mop the blood off his shirt and head, but when he'd passed out she'd called the one person who's number she knew, Eliza's. She'd alerted the hospital, and an ambulance had arrived minutes later. That was the last time her father ever came home. 

The photo was taken by a kindly stranger they had encountered in the park. She was on her fathers shoulders, and the stranger must have been an excellent photographer, because the photo was taken at just the right moment, when she had plucked off her fathers hat, and he had his face turned up to smile at her, whilst she laughed hysterically back. She remembered looking at the photo after and her father turning to thank the stranger, only to find that he'd walked off. Maya liked to get the photo out when she needed comforting, but this time, a tiny bit of her nagged back what were you not telling me? A voice in her head asked her fathers picture. 

She sat like that for a long while, before she finally made her decision, she reached over and plucked out the whistle, took a deep breath, raised it to her lips, and blew. 


Nothing happened. No sound came out, nothing. She raised it to blow again, perhaps she hadn't been blowing right? But suddenly it shattered, making her jump. The pieces didn't fall like she expected, instead they floated round and round, before vanishing into a smokey light.

She waited. After a long time, she sighed and stood up, maybe it had been a joke after all. "You've made your decision." She jumped so high she nearly hit her lamp, spinning round, she saw Leonardo leaning casually against the far wall of her bedroom. She nodded, her heart was still leaping in her chest. "Very well, come this way, we're going to need some candles."

The End

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