Chapter 1: part 4

She went to bed after wandering round the flat, trying to decide what to do. Her whole life suddenly seemed so unimportant compared to the decision she had to make. Some part of her was still not believing that this was happening, that she had imagined it all, dreamed up Leonardo and his offer with the same mind that had earned her a gold certificate in Creative Writing when she was in year six. But all she had to do was glance over at the raven, sat serenely on her countertop, and she knew it was a whole lot more real than that.

She awoke to the sound of her alarm the next morning, the harsh buzzing drawing her out of her slumber. She reached over and slammed her hand down on the snooze button, but the noise kept coming. Eventually frustration pushed the sleep out of her head and she rolled over in order to throw her alarm clock out the window. It was then she saw the raven sat on her bedside table, and realised the noise hadn't been her alarm at all. "Shut up." She moaned at it, taking a swipe at the bird, it rose gracefully into the air, before landing on her door and continuing its rhythmic cawing, Maya growled in frustration, and threw a pillow at the raven. It swooped out of the firing line with ease, into the corridor, cawing all the while. She sighed and got out of bed. "All right all right! I thought Leonardo said you wouldn't cause me any trouble" She muttered to the raven as she stalked out through the corridor into the kitchen for breakfast. She poured a bowl of fresh water for the raven, though part of her wanted to shoo it out of her house, she felt it was more important than Leonardo had let on. 

She was just sitting down to eat her cornflakes when the raven perked its head up, Maya didn't speak raven, but she knew that the bird had heard, or sensed something, and she tensed automatically. As if on cue, there was a banging on her front door. She froze, automatically assuming the worst, she crept towards the door as if it were a monster that could bite. What if it's Leonardo, I have to make the choice now? What if he's been killed, and they're coming for me? What if-  She pulled the door open, not sure what to expect. The person who did stand there though, made her feel a rush of relief, then anger. "Marc! What the hell do you want?" She snarled at him, "Actually, wait on second thoughts I don't care what you have to say." She began pushing the door shut in his face, but he was faster, he pushed his was in, jamming his shoulder in the door.

"Wait wait wait! Maya, listen, I know you're angry, but it's nothing that I can't explain, listen I-"

"I don't want to listen! Get out of the way." She pushed harder on the door, but he was stronger than her, he levered it out of the way and slipped in, pressing against the wall with his hands up as if she had a gun pointed at him. She tried to come up with a good remark, a sassy comeback to put him in his place, but all she could see was him kissing that trashy little- 

Maya slammed the door and strode back into the kitchen, flinging her chair back, she ate her cereal with as much hate as she could, trying to ignore him. Marc lingered in the hallway. It was easy to see why Maya had loved him, well, thought she'd loved him. He had fair hair that fell across his face in just the right way, angled cheekbones, good stance, and he was at least two inches taller than her, a definite bonus. "Well," She said harshly "Since I can't make you leave, get it over with and get out yourself." He flinched slightly at each word Good, let him see what it's like to be the one on the receiving end of the pain. 

He walked in and sat at the chair opposite her. He looked down at his folded hands, he was still wearing the leather bracelet she had given him on his birthday. "Maya, I'm sorry for hurting you that way, I... didn't know what I was doing." The look on her face obviously told him that wasn't a good enough excuse.

"I walked in and you were making out with another girl, someone I know as well! How is that not knowing what you're doing?!"

"Okay okay, I don't really have an excuse, but Maya, the thing is, I came here to tell you officially, we should break up." She froze, the spoon of cereal half way to her mouth, she almost trembled with fury.

"You think?" She asked, her voice was deadly calm. "You came here to break up with me!" She was shouting now, "If it wasn't clue enough already, me slapping your face and telling you I didn't want to see you again was me breaking up with you!" 

"I know I know" He muttered, twining his hands together over and over, "It's just that, I was going to break up with you anyway, and I thought I should tell you that."

She knew it was coming, but it hurt like hell anyway. Maya stood up, placing her bowl in the sink. "Well, thank you so much for coming" She said sarcastically without turning to look at him she opened her mouth to say more, but a caw cut her off, she looked round, to see the raven fluttering into the room great, just what I need. Marc jumped, looking shocked.

"I didn't know you had a raven." He said looking at her.

"Well neither did I! Now get out. GO!" She watched him leave, taking one last glance at the raven, and eventually heard the front door bang. I will not cry over him. She furiously blinked back tears. This is it, from this moment forwards, no more men, no more trouble, no more heart brake and hassle. She vowed, hastily scrubbing at the half eaten cereal in her bowl. I'm so done with love.

The End

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