Chapter 1: part 2

She'd let him in. 

What else could she have done? He seemed to know everything about her already, including where to find the tea bags and mugs in her house. After courteously asking if he could come in, to which Maya responded by merely standing back from the door slightly, to allow him access to her apartment. He'd nodded politely to her, before striding straight in to the kitchen, as if he'd lived there his whole life. He calmly began making tea, and Maya still didn't say anything, she merely nodded when he offered her tea, then sat at one of the stools along the counter. 

"I apologise for not sending a letter in forethought for my arrival here, it must have been rather unsettling for you." Leonardo spoke quietly, not turning to look at her as he prepared the mugs of tea. "You see, I wasn't quite sure it was going to be you, you see. But your aura came quite clearly to me when I was near you." He turned to look at her, and Maya jumped as she realised she was being watched by not one, but two pairs of eyes.

"You have a raven on your shoulder." She said, it must have sounded stupid, but she couldn't think of anything else to say to him. Part of her mind wondered weather she was dreaming this all up.

Leonardo glanced at the bird on his left shoulder, the raven cocked its head at him slightly. "So I do." He remarked. The raven hopped off his shoulder and onto the countertop. A small part of her mind nagged her as to why she hadn't spotted the bird on the way in. He wasn't exactly small.

Leonardo seemed to be waiting for her to say something. She took a breath "Okay, I don't know who you are, although you seem to know a lot about me. And if I recall correctly, you just literally said that you were going to die, before coming into my house to make cups of tea." Her voice became involuntarily accusing at the end.

Leonardo took a sip of his tea and leant against the countertop, he closed his eyes, seeming to be trying to decide where to begin. " Have you ever, seen a 'magician' Maya?" He asked, opening his eyes. His voice seemed to carry an undertone of mocking on the word magician, as though he thought it funny.

"Yes, several times, I had one at my party when I was seven..." She trailed off, focusing on the memory as it resurfaced, she remembered a tall man in a white suit performing fancy tricks for her and her friends.

"And what tricks did this magician perform for you?" He asked. Maya studied his face, wondering if he was mocking her, his expression held nothing but sincerity. 

"He... he pulled a rabbit out of his hat, and... made blue flames appear in the air, and also made a chair and a table levitate without touching them." She recited as the memory got clearer. "And at the end he made a 'diamond' appear from his hat for me."

Leonardo leaned across the counter towards her, and for the first time she noticed that one of his eyes was brown, and the other a pale, luminous grey colour. She moved back an inch automatically. "Did you believe in the tricks he performed for you?"

"I suppose so..." Maya replied warily, "At the time, but as I got older I realised that they were just tricks, illusions." Leonardo leaned back, a small crease appearing between his eyebrows. 

"Well, Maya, as I said before, I am a Whitelighter, or as your kind call us, Magicians."

"You're a magician?" Her voice sounded skeptical, although she didn't intend it to. Leonardo didn't look offended.

"Thats right, and the tricks I perform are as real as you or me." He finished with a slight smile. 

"You said that 'Our kind' called you magicians, what did you mean? Why are you different just because of your job as a magician- I mean 'Whitelighter'?" The term sounded strange as she said it but he was shaking his head even before Maya had finished speaking.

"Maya, being a Whitelighter isn't a job, some of my kind just turn it into a public scam to earn themselves money," It was clear from his tone that he greatly disapproved of the act. "And yes, we are different from you, it's who we are, we're not an entirely different species, but we're... a variation of you species enhanced with powers, are you following me?" She nodded, although she was finding the subject quite confusing. "You've heard of Harry Houdini, have you not?" Maya nodded "He was a good friend of mine, even though I greatly disapproved of his public displays of Whitelight. All of his tricks, well that's a little harsh, many of his tricks, especially his greater ones, were done with real magic, or Whightlight, as it's properly called." 

Maya sat for a moment in silence, taking it all in. "Okay... wow, this is-"

"You don't believe me." Leonardo didn't sound accusing, more like he expected this reaction from her. "Well, at least you haven't called me crazy and called the police on me, or attacked me." 

"No! It's just that I..." Maya struggled for something to say, "You said that you were three hundred and fifty-"

"Three hundred and twenty, if you please." He corrected her.

"Sorry, three hundred and twenty years old, well, how? You don't look it." 

"Thank you" He smiled slightly, "I stopped ageing around the age of thirty eight, so that is my real appearance, of course I can look many different ways if I desire; but not all of us are immortal. Only the greater Whitelighters, such as myself, Houdini, and others are given the gift of immortality." A slight undertone of pride coloured his voice as he said this.

"All right..." She struggled to get her thoughts straight, "Okay, I believe you, mostly. But is there some way you could... prove it to me?" She asked

Leonardo let out a breath which could have been laughter or a noise of disapproval. "Very well, but you must allow me to explain everything, do you promise?" She nodded, and he began rubbing his hands together, as though warming them up. Then he held out his left palm to her and she leaned in slightly.                                                               At first there was nothing, and she was just about to open her mouth to say something when the air around his hand began to shimmer. Something was forming in the middle of his palm, at first it looked like it was made of dust, but as it became clearer, she saw that it was made of mist. It shifted and spun, before taking the shape of a horse, a minute stallion that galloped its way around his palm and over to the back of his hand. He raised his hand, and blew on it very slightly, the breath seemed to carry the horse, and it flew off his hand into the air, as it did so, it changed, shifting into an eagle. It circuited the kitchen once, before Leonardo gently bought his hand up around it, pressing it into nothingness. 

Maya stared up at him, her eyes wide. Behind Leonardo, the raven cawed. "Now do you believe me?" For the third time, Maya said nothing and nodded.

The End

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