Chapter 1: part 1

Maya pulled the door shut hard behind her. It slammed with a satisfactory bang.

An idiot. Bloody idiot he is.

 She stormed into her bedroom and fell onto the bed pulling the sheets over her, as if to hide her from the rest of the world. She’d been fighting back tears but now she could cry, they wouldn’t come. She sat up and looked around, feeling lost. She punched a pillow for the sake of it, then punched it a few more times as it let some of her anger out. 

Pulling her headphones out of her bedside table drawer, Maya scrolled through her music and found the loudest rock band she could. Cranking the volume up, she kicked off her boots and lay back on her pillows, shutting her eyes. The music drowned out everything, the band’s lyrics too loud for her to even understand. She felt a bit better. 

Well, if Marc wanted to cheat on her, he could stay with his trashy little one girlfriend, because she sure as hell wasn’t going back to being his.

Her phone buzzed and she opened one eye, before slamming her hand down on the ignore button. No way was she wasting any more time on him, how ever much he wanted to explain. 
About an hour later, she heaved herself up to make a cup of tea. The kettle had just boiled when there was a rapid series of knocks on the door of her flat. She sighed and shouted in the direction of the lobby “Get lost Marc, leave me alone!” She paused waiting, the knocking came again. “I said go away! I’m over it!” There was silence, and she reached up for her favourite mug. The knocking came again, even more loudly and persistent than before. “God’s sake” She muttered, slamming the mug down and heading for the front door. She pulled it open, ready to hit Marc if necessary, “Can you not understand me! I said-“ She stopped short.
On the other side of the door, standing calmly despite her furious outburst, was a man Maya had never seen before. He was possibly late forties- Maya had never been much good at guessing ages- and tall, wearing a full length velvet coat, top hat and carrying a long black umbrella. She took an automatic step back. “Oh, I’m sorry, I thought you were… Who are you?” The man’s gaze was steady and for some reason she couldn’t meet his icy blue eyes. 
“Maya Roberson, my name is Leonardo Strovinski, I am a three hundred and twenty year old Whitelighter, and I require your assistance because,” He paused, raising his head to smile sadly at her. “I am going to die Maya."

The End

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