Note: I will not be working on this piece for a while, sorry for any inconvenience.

Magicians aren't just a child's party entertainment. They're real magic wielders, and as far as Maya's concerned, they're about to get a whole lot more real in her life.

Leonardo Strovinski stepped out of the old theatre, and buttoned up the top of his vintage full body length velvet coat. The play had been good, not as good as the original though, he reminded himself with a slight smile. He turned and began to stroll up a darkly lit and secluded side street. A few spats of rain dropped from the sky onto his coat and he tutted irritably, as though the rain had done it on purpose. He waved his hand and a long, well worn umbrella appeared, he opened it and continued on his way. A strange fluttering noise sounded above him, and he looked up to see a stark, black raven perched on the wall near him. The raven cawed and bobbed its head, and Leonardo bowed his head in return. As he walked on, the raven did not follow. 

He'd just turned the corner when he sensed them. The first one launched out from behind the wall, moving at speeds something only something that was very inhuman could manage. Leonardo whirled his umbrella forwards, and if one looked closely, they could see it shimmer and change to a long, black staff as he did so. The staff shot a blot of light from its end, hitting the attacker square in the chest. He flew back ten meters before slamming into a wall, and crumpling like tinfoil. The second moved in with blinding speed, and Leonardo brought his cane up to meet it, dark energy seemed to erupt from the impact, and both he and the attacker were pushed backwards by pure energy. Leonardo was on his feet again instantly, but the attacker was already upon him. He felt a slice of pain on his left cheek, and saw the attacker raise its claws again, but as it brought them down, a dark shape slammed into the side of it, ripping its head clean off. It hit the floor, then melted into shadows, as if it had never been. Leonardo placed a hand to his cheek, it came away silvery black. He looked up at his rescuer, perched on the wall. The raven regarded him with its zinc coloured eyes, making no move. But Leonardo knew, they have found me, they are coming.

The End

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