Whitehall Hale Coven

This story is from the viewpoint of Jamie-Lee Hale, a female Light/Dark witch.

I am the leader of a coven of witches. To start with there was two sides, good and evil, light and dark, whatever you want to call it. But.. there was two people that fell in love, one light, the other dark, their names, Alicia Whitehall and Dante Hale. They were deeply in love with eachother, but that was forbidden, they always met in the twilight under a full moon. My name is Jamie-Lee Hale, and this is my story.


My parents are deeply in love (and i mean deeply!). They get on my nerves, everytime I see them, they are either kissing or hugging, you name it.. they've done it infront of me.. Well maybe not EVERYTHING. Anyway! Dad's always had this aura around him, as if he's hiding some dark secret, something big. I didn't realise it, but my life was about to change, for better or worse? I have no clue.

They sat me down in the big comfy leather arm chair, my feet were hardly touching the ground! "Jamie, we have something to tell you.." Father stated clearly, "Jay.." (YES. Thats what I get called, so don't skit okay? Good!) My mother started, her expression as blank as her eyes, "Your inheretance, of being a witch." This didn't come as much of a shock to me, because I knew I was different, because i could control, well, 'manipulate' all FIVE elements, unlike anyone else. I was cast out most friends, except three, James, Jake and Layla. "But your not a normal witch," She continued, "Your a mixture.. Between Light and Dark." Mothers face began to soften a little, father continued for her. "Jamie, it's time you knew where you came from.." Father sat on the table infront of me, but he slid out the small drawer, and dug right down to the bottom, he pulled some large folder out. "Jamie, there are five different elements, the usual ones which are, Earth, Fire, Water and Air, but there is also one more, Spirit. It is usual for a witch to be able to control one single element, but with you, it is different, you can control all of them, but what is even more rare, is that you can control Spirit" He shown me a five point star, Spirit at the top, and Earth, Fire, Water and Air on the other four.

The End

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