~White Wings~ Chapter 1

~White Wings~
   Chapter One


My wings disappeared as I hit the ground. I walked through the door and ran upstairs to my bedroom. Carefully, I shut the door. My mother didn't need to realize I had been gone the whole day. I slid into bed, and pulled my computer on my stomach.


"Tay?" I turned around and found my mother in the doorway, wearing a stern look.


"Where have you been?"

"Fly- I mean with a friend." That technically was true.

"I don't think so." I blushed. "I bet you were with some boy, right?"

"Yeah, he's a boy. But we're friends."

"Fine, Taylor. You're getting away with this one, but next time you'll get punishment." As soon as she closed the door, I cursed. Damn it! What was I thinking, flying at this time, when I should have been at school?


I should've known she would find out. It was hard keeping the biggest secret of your life, from your parents.


I clicked on my email and wrote a message to Avery.


She found out I was gone. What were you thinking?


In a minute he replied. God, don't blame me. I'm just a boy with wings!


Well, I'm just a girl with wings!


Yep, we're both freaks.


We sure are.


Pick a better time, okay?




Good night, Avery.




I fell asleep quickly, and fell into a dream.



The End

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