White Rose Online

In the year 2068, a VRMMORPG named White Rose Online was released. Much like Black Friday, people were camping out at electronic stores to get the V-Gear and a copy of the game. All 15,000 copies were sold. The players had logged on and found out that their fantasy turned into a nightmare once it was announced "Once you die, you die in real life. You may not log out until the game is cleared." Harmony Ellison, 15-year-old, must band together with her brother ,Damien, and group of people to escap

Sorry. Will put something here later. Need to go to bed. (Going to play some OMGPOP Pool with Michi first though. xP) uhub ygjf8tcfrcm rumvcrcrucmrc (needed to get characters) Until then. - Ritsmiify <3

The End

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