Taking elements from my Breathing in Sequence fic and turning it into a whole new story all my own.

I don't see a reason why we can't just be apart - 
we're falling on each other like we're always in the dark.
Oh, I don't think you know me much at all, at all.
This love is be and end all -
this love will be your downfall.

Minka was twenty-three when she met Eolian.  In the typical office she'd grown used to meeting certain types of people; when someone outside of those standards walked in, the impact could be likened to a small bomb going off - ripples of detonation and rings of smoke stretching out to affect even the most distant of office coworkers.  Eolian was a firecracker - just enough kick, just enough raw adrenalin and spark, to draw attention to himself without leaving a negative impression.  She'd been working as the CEO's personal assistant for Nova nearly five years when Lorisson - the company's long-time CEO - up and retired without a moments notice to anyone else.  As if beckoned by some roaring alarm at the hole in office structure, Eolian appeared, dressed in an ash grey suit with a smile that almost stopped her heart.

He was Eolian Quinn, from Corporate, and no one had anything to worry about now that he was there.

She knew the corporate world, knew better than to trust anyone at face-value, but she found herself trusting him more with every breath he took in their shared office.  Within a month she believed herself madly in love.  Their romance blossomed into a long-term relationship and Minka felt, for the first time in her life, satisfied.   Eolian awoke her base instincts, brought her screaming to the light, drew her to her knees with the power of it.  Their love overpowered everything for two wild years.   Unlike any relationship Eolian had given a chance since his change, he was able to be honest - and the release of it began to rebuild in him the man he had once been.

Overcome with the need to have her for the rest of his life, Eolian confessed a desire to have her join his kind.  In one fell swoop, one moment of unbridled honesty, they both lost everything.  On the same day, each one grieving in their own way, they left the office and boarded flights to opposite sides of the Earth.

Neither would ever be the same.

The End

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