Perfect Little Princess

It had already been a few weeks after Grendel moved into Frank's house. He started to get used to the momentum and raised from rank negative infinity to the top fifteen. Even Eva seemed shock at the fast pace raise in rank.
Ding. Ding. The sound of the bells on the door ringing signaled another customer."
Oh welcome back Ms. Cincinnati. What would you like today?" Grendel greeted the young lady at the door. He gestured his hand to the VIP area.
"Oh hello Grendel. It's so sad. My boyfriend dislikes me. What on earth should I do?" She slid into one of the comfy leathered sofas.
Ms. Helen Cincinnati was a famous model for the "Dancing Beauties" clothing store. She frequently visited the bar to reminisce the days or weeks that have past. Currently she has taken a liking to Grendel.
"Oh my dear Grendel." Helen moved closer and clung on to Grendel who was sitting on the air of her sofa. "He pushed me away. He said I was different. He wants me to be more like normal girls," she sniffled.
"Calm down my lady. Let's take this slowly." He motioned Joe to get him a champagne. "Why don't you start from the beginning?"
 "Well like I said the last time, he thought about moving away to Texas. His interest in horses and cowboys didn't change at all. He always blabbers about riding in the west and all the other things I can't comprehend. I love him for the way he is though, and I would really love to move with him but I have work here as a model and... I don't think there are any shops in Texas."
 "My dear, is shopping really your life? You should know that you have all the happiness that you need already."
 "I know but... Oh I don't know what to do. This is all too confusing for me."
 "Well let's have a drink to calm yourself first."
 After this, Helen calmed down and drank her fill. Then she thanked Grendel for his time and left.
 "Well what is it this time?" Joe was cleaning up the table.
 "She is having trouble deciding whether or not she should move to Texas." Grendel slouched on the couch and sighed.
 "Yee-haw! That should be easy. I would love to visit the country folk."
 "Yeah but she still has a job you know?"
 "What does that gotta do with it?"
 "I mean she loves her..." Grendel stopped talking and looked behind him to see Eva staring at him. "Yes Your Highness?" Grendel and Joe got up and bowed.
 "Her husband actually comes to this bar too ya know." Queen Eva sat down on the couch. "He was telling me the same thing. Now he regrets wanting to move to Texas."
 "Let me make a suggestion, madam. Why don't we work together and allow them to come together again?" suggested Grendel.
"This will surely be interesting though. What do you think we should do? I wonder if you will actually be able to put them back together. This will  be your test." Eva leaned in with a smirk.
"Oh then why don't we try to so something like this..."

"...I just want to live together with him. I will move to Texas if he really wants to. That is his dream after all," said Mrs. Cincinnati.
"If she really wants to stay then shouldn't I just give up. maybe I'm just a bit too old for things like this," said Mr. Cincinnati.
"In the end..." the both started and then realized that their two hosts, Grendel and Eva brought them together.
"What are you..." The both of them were shocked seeing each other at the bar.
"Instead of talking about it to us, shouldn't to talk to each other? Your solution lies just outside the door if the two of you try to open it." Grendel and Eva left them alone to their conversation... a series of silent embarrassing glances.
 "Don't you think it will take them a while just to get over the fact that both have been cheating on each other?"
"No. Each has a reason for coming here. Since they heard each other's conversation with each of us already, it would be easy for them to remember the other's views. It won't take long." Grendel went to the counter to pour himself some beer.
"You're actually not as bad as I thought." Eva went and ordered a cocktail.
"You're not that bad either. You're my perfect little princess." 

The End

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