Knowing Each Other Better

"Well here you have it."
"Amazing. Your house is just amazing."
It wasn't exactly as big as a mansion, but the plot of land was more than five houses wide. It was a two story building with a veranda in the back and a porch in the front.
"Am I really gonna live here?" said Grendel.
"Yep." Frank opened the door to his house, and out popped a head. "Good boy Dino, now stay in the house."
"Um, Grendel, was it really necessary to move everything from your old house?" Joe looked at the ten suitcases the three of them were trying to lift into the house.
"Well I guess Frank should be lucky, cause I didn't bring the furniture."
"You're kidding right? Why do you need so much stuff?"
"This is all that I have ever since I was eight. I'm happy I even have so much."
"Joe, close the door behind you, and please don't talk until everything is settled." Frank searched for some slippers in the closet.
After finding the slippers, Frank lead them to the farthest room on the second floor.
 "This is where you will be sleeping. There is a bathroom connected through that door to your right, and a small workspace on your left. If you need any help, never hesitate to ring this bell right here on the wall. I'll rush right up."
 A master bedroom. No other word can be thought of to describe a luxury paradise (to Grendel, at least).
 "Yo this is just amazing. I love your house. It's like... so BIG!" He ran over to his canopy bed and just slammed on it. "Wow this is so comfy."
 "Wow... this is some personality," Joe whispered to Frank.
 "Did you say something?" said Grendel.
 "Ah nothing. You should finish unpacking soon. Dinner starts at seven."
 "Sure. I'll be there."
 The two left Grendel in awe at the gigantic room of his. He began unpacking the nearest suitcase available. He took out a picture frame and put it faced down on his desk. "I'm home."
 Time went by and Grendel went down the winding staircase to the kitchen. He smelled roast beef and seafood salads. His mouth was watering as he watched the cooks placed the food neatly on the plates. Then a whine and a tug made him look underneath him. It was Dino.
 "Hello there." Grendel patted the dog's head. "Are you hungry?" A nod of the head was the answer.
 Grendel took a scrap of tasty left-over meat and gave it to the dog. It wagged its tail and barked happily.
 "Ya know you shouldn't really be feeding him so much human food."
 "Is that bad for him?"
 "Well not exactly. It's just that he will get addicted to it and not eat his own food anymore." Frank poured some dog food into a dish and set is down for Dino. A little whine came but the dog didn't even budge. "See?"
 "Is this something I should pay attention to?" Grendel walked with Frank to the dining room with a table lined with French foods. Joe sat down on one of the chairs looking too much like Dino almost drooling on .
 Frank sighed. "Yes. It would help you learn what regular customers like." Frank walked over and hit Joe on the head.
 I love it here. Grendel smiled and they at the table. This is a wonderful outcome.

The End

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