Seniors and Juniors

"Um... here is your wine ma'am." said Grendel.
"Come and sit with me boy. How about a nice little talk?" The chubby lady looked at him with a drunken face.
"Um, I'd love to but I have to deliver this cocktail to that gentleman over there."
"How dare he disturb my personal time. Ignore that crazy man and come to me boy." She looked at the joyous man with a disgusted face.
"But..." Before he could finish his sentence, another man stepped in front of him and attracted the lady.
"My dear sweet cherry blossom, this bud here has only just bloomed. It won't be as beautiful as those of use who have full grown."
"Oh my. Then why don't you take his place."
The man whispered in Grendel's ear, "Do you see that guy by the pillar to your right"
"Yeah. What..."
"Talk to him." Then he turned and began chatting with the lady.
 Grendel gave the man his cocktail and headed towards the pillar. There stood the other gentleman.
"Hey there. You're new right? Let's see..." He looked at the name tag on Grendel's chest. "So your name's Grendel. Nice to meet you. The name here is Joe." They shook hands.
"Ugh... what was it that he," Grendel looked  at the man talking to the lady, "... wanted us to talk about?"
 "Well since you are new here, I don't think you know much of the rules here. Customers are everything. The minute they get angry, the place will be out of control. I mean they all are drunk and stuff so yeah. I did the same thing when I first came here and the only thing that could calm the lady down was Queen Eva. Wow I wouldn't want that happening again."
"Queen Eva? Who exactly is she?"
 "This is just a story I heard. Well God, her father, opened this shop long before she was born. She was supposed to inherit this bar and keep it running. She wasn't really stable in high school so it was hard to make friends and find a good job. That leaves inheriting the bar the last option available. However, it wouldn't be fun to just hand out drinks to her customers so she thought of a game. Men and women working at the bar has to please the customers to raise their status. In the end, the one that rules, in other words, the King and Queen, will have a chance for the inheritance. She is participating herself since she needs the job. A lot of people piled in for the new job and for the game. Business soared, and the idea was working. That is how this bar came to be."
"Okay... I'm sort of getting this. But if she is the Queen, who is the King?"
 "Oh his name is also Joseph. I heard he was currently on leave because there is trouble in his family about the heir too. Since his backgrounds aren't clear, rumors have it that he is the son of an estate dealer. They say his is the richest person on Earth."
 "I don't see why he has to work here then."
 Joe leaned closer to Grendel and whispered, "They think he has a crush on Eva."
 "Eva! Who would have a crush on that woman?!"
"Excuse me sirs. Our little puppy here isn't really well disciplined. Would you excuse me?"
 "Go beat the crap out of him Eva. Everyone loves you. How do you think you are Queen if everyone didn't?" shouted the crowd.
 Well it just so happened that the girls today all have a whip by their side. Today's theme was torture... Well you really don't wanna know...

"Ouch. Ouch. Careful will ya?" cried Grendel on his bed.
 "Well it's your fault you said that out loud." Joe padded the wounds with the medicine.
 "You didn't warn me... Ouch!"
 "You didn't have to be warned. You can tell just by her look." The man from the bar came in.
 "Who gave you permission to walk in my house?"
 "I forgot to tell you, but I did." Joe put away all the first aid equipment.
 "This is quite a small place you got here. You live alone?"
 "Yeah. Got a problem with it?"
 "Calm down. Grendel, this is Frank and Frank, this is Grendel."
 "Sup. Wanna live at my place instead? It is a lot roomer. The only thing you would need to worry about is Dino."
 "Dino? Who's that?" Grendel sat up on his bed.
 "My German shepherd. When he likes you, he won't ever let you leave." Frank finally managed to find a spot in between two stacks of books.
 "Why not. Now I don't even have to worry about the rent anymore. Thanks."
 "However, you can only stay on one condition."
 "And that would be...?"
 "We are to be your seniors, and you don't get Eva angry again," piped Joe.

The End

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