White Gothic

A waiter in a bar called White Gothic entertains some guests. Let's follow through his and his friends' adventures.

01 God and His People


"Hey babe. Why don't you come and have a drink with me?"

"Oh you flatter me so. I'm not that beautiful..."

These phrases occur daily in this bar down Main Street called White Gothic. The theme was Gothic clothing and cosplay, but everything was white. Their motto was, "To please the customer in every way."

Status came not too long ago. A beautiful lady showed up saying that she will be the best of the charmers. The statuses start with the top, or the Queen. The Queen had won favor with the most customers. There was also a King for the male harem. After them are numbers from zero to ten. Zero is the second best and as the numbers increases, the status decreases. Then the non-numbered waitress and waiters act as "pets" or workers for the King and Queen. The current Queen was the beautiful lady that started it all, Eva. Well, an unexpected change shall occur to this already lunatic bar...


A pile of plates crashed in the kitchen. Everyone turned and stared at the person standing in front of the wooden door.

"Excuse me for a second, sirs. There seems to be some interruption at out lovely paradise."

A beautiful lady got up from her horde of men and walked toward the door. Smooth skin, small lips, long wavy black hair. A Gothic bunny suit. The man at the door blushed.

"Would you be so kind as to pipe down? We have customers to attend to. If you would like a job, at least learn proper manners and come in with a more suitable outfit."

"This is all that I have though..." One t-shirt and ripped jeans.

"Well the ladies and I don't approve of you being here. Am I correct girls?"

"Yes Queen Eva."

"Now now girls, why don't we give this fellow a chance?" A jolly chubby man strolled in.

"Mr. Watson." Everyone bowed.

"Now come over here boy." Mr. Watson led the man to a quiet place in the back of the bar. Soon the business was bustling again, forgetting the "terrible" incident that just happened.

"You want a job right?" The man nodded. "Okay then let me explain the rules to you. The highest position here is God. That would be me, and no one gets this position till I die, and I don't expect to do so for another century. Next are the King and Queen, rulers of the men and women harem respectively. You can raise your rank by pleasing the most customers. Customers are the most important things in this shop. You MUST in NO case disappoint them. When you come in each day, just sign in on the counter and write your name and time of arrival. When you leave, just write the leaving time. That is about all that I would like you to do. You will get used to things in a second by OBSERVING. In any case, if I fire you it means that you have disgraced the bar. Now hurry up and get dressed." The "God" tossed the man a set of clothing and led him straight to the changing room.

Having left the young man, he encountered Queen Eva standing against the wall waiting for him.

"Why did you let him in?"

"Is there a reason not to? And besides, you don't rule this place yet. I make the rules here remember?"

"Whatever dad. You always go overboard anyways." Eva turned to leave and join the other ladies.

"Your stage is ready for you."

Eva waved her hand as a signal.


What is with these clothing? A vest, tie, black boxers, and gangster style jeans that can't zipper. Isn't this just exposing yourself? Well it is a Gothic saloon. The man found a nameplate already pinned to his vest. "Grendel Patterson" was written on it. How on earth did he know my name?

Grendel turned the knob of the door and found the lights completely dimmed. "Um... what is going on?" Then bright light flashed a blinded him. After blinking a few times, a stage could be seen with Eva standing under the spotlight.

As the music began, Eva harmonized with the music. Her voice was tender and angelic. The audience held their breath from excitement. Grendel walked forward and found a good spot amongst the crowd.

After a good half-an-hour of staring at the beauty and listen to all the roaring and clapping, Grendel wandered around the place. It was a pretty big space that covered the whole width and length of a block.

The End

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