MacKenzie, Check Your Mail

Sergeant Sharkey greeted me with a gruff, "MacKenzie, check your mail.  The Captain left you a message and some woman has already called you twice." 

"Aye, aye, Sarge."  The cubby holes that served as the precinct mail room had everybody reduced to a five by five cube.  Like most office mail boxes, they were for the most part momentary resting places for paper headed to the trash can.  This meeting, that report, this cause, that reminder, catalogs for guns and uniforms, the occasional "While You Were Out" message and the very rare actual letter.  Out of the stuffed box still labeled with my misspelled name, I ended up with two phone numbers, actually the same number on two different slips, and a plain sealed white envelope with MacKenzie scrawled across its front in Captain Scarborough's horrible handwriting.

After a visit to the little policeman's room, i took my place at my official space in this madhouse, a swivel desk chair and old desk, a phone, an in and out basket, and stacks of matters, most of which didn't matter anymore.

"O Captain, My Captain, what news do you bring to me?"  I ripped opened the envelope and started to read the handwritten note from my old partner and now my new boss.

"Mac, an officer over at the 12th wants you to come by.  He has a snitch that gave him some info on the Archbishop's death.  Apparently he says that a fellow bum sometimes sleeps in the church basement.  He says he's willing to  trade a month in a flop house and a meal ticket for what he's got to say.  The officer's name is Kyle Davis, a vice cop. I thought you might ant to follow it up before the drunk gets another case of alcohol amnesia.  Scarborough.  p.s. I'm visiting my mother in Connecticut.  will be back Friday  Tag, you're it.  You're in charge, good buddy.  Bye."

"Great.  Just great."

I checked the phone number.  Some lady who wouldn't leave her name but asked specifically for me.  Walden 4-4349.

Four rings and then I got, "Good morning, Greater Boston Maritime and Shipping, Colleen Mahoney speaking."

"Yes, this is Lieutenant Ian MacKenzie, Boston Police, returning a call to this number."

"Ah yes, Lieutenant, thank you for returning my call.  I have been asked if you could see Mr. Kevin Mahoney."

"You said, Kevin, Miss."

"Yes, Kevin, my father.  He was wondering if he could meet you him at Chang's for lunch, say 12:45."

"I reckon that would be fine."

"Sir, do you know where Chang's is?"

"Ah, to be sure, been there many times."

"Mr. Mahoney said he will meet you in the back banquet room, at the round table.  Lunch is on him."

"Thank you, Miss Mahoney."

"You're welcome, Lieutenant.  12:45."

"Got it."  Now that one I didn't see coming.  The younger brother has something to say when big brother's not around.




The End

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