Sweet and Sour, Southern Comfort

hat evening, Boo and I got ready to entertain.  Miss Gray was still making herself known every so often on the fire escape, so Boo was giving himself a bath, and I was watering the other two members of my family, Lancelot and Merlin, two spider plants that I had managed to take with me when my ex, Margo, threw me out of the house nine years ago.  I'm not sure why I work so hard at keeping those two plants alive.  Maybe, I figure as long as they are in this world, then maybe Margo somehow remains in my world too.  Heck of thing to be thinking about, when a pretty lady is bringing dinner over.  But I have noticed that I always do that when sweet Mary and I are about to get together.

"Hey, Boo.  Enough with the primping already.  How about you go out and track down your lady friend?" I opened the window and Boo went courting.

I did the best I could to make the place look fit for the female of the species, tidied this, dusted that, hid most other things.  I wasn't sure why I kept going through this charade, Mary had been over here many times.  Not much choice, really.  No way I could ever break into that rooming house for women she lived in.  The ever vigilant Miss Hill, the house mother, would have none of that.

I was ready.  Shower, shave, clean socks, fresh linen on the bed and fresh towels in the bathroom, clean glasses and a yet unopened bottle of Southern Comfort.

i could hear Mary's footsteps coming down the hall well before she ever made those three quick knocks on the door of Room 205.  I reckon Boo caught scent of that Chinese food Mary was carrying, for he made his return with Miss Gray in tow.

"Hey Mary.  You look good and the food smells good."

She chuckled back, "As opposed to my smelling good and the food looking good.  Ah, Boo, how you doing you big, handsome devil.  And I take it that this is your date for the evening."

"Yea, that's Miss Gray."

"Well, Miss Gray.  I'm Mary.  So glad to make your acquaintance.  Bt just between you and me, I think we could've done better than these two bums."

Miss Gray accepted Mary's scratch behind the ears and Boo sneaked in to get some loving him for himself. 

"Alright.  Enough of the love fest, let's eat.  I hope you brought sweet-and-sour pork."

"Of course, I did.  But I also brought a couple of new things for you to try.'

I hated that when she tried to expand my tastes.  I knew what I liked and I like to stick with it.

"I even brought some Riesling wine.  So put away that rot-gut whiskey until after dinner."

"Lord, Mary."

"Just do what I say, you old coot.  it'll make life easier for both of us.  Boo, here's your shrimp.  Now you share, you understand."



The End

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