White Caps

This story is an add on story. I am not sure what is going to happen!

Isn't the first day of winter supposed to be the first day of snow? Well, not for us. In Minnesota, we get snow way before winter even starts. In fact, we get snow in the beginning of fall sometimes! Minnesota is a very cold place on earth, but not nearly as cold as Antarctica or the North Pole, of course. We have warm summers (right at the perfect temperature! ) which are usually around 80 degrees or sometimes even 90. Of course, we are not sure what boiling hot is like, but we do have an idea of what freezing cold is like. Its the time of year when the snow falls from the sky, the time of year when we pull on our jackets, and dig out our mittens, and slip on our hats. And when we take them off, they are all white. They are then white caps. 

Minnesota is not a very popular place, but it has a fine population, I think. For if we had as many people as California, I'd think we'd have too many people in our state (which isn't nearly as stretched out as California) but if we had as many people as a smaller state does, say Maryland, there might be too much room. So the population we do have is just right. A lot of Minnesota is for farmland and livestock. But we have our cities as well. We have St. Paul and Minneapolis, I mean, how many places are there with two cities next to each other, so close, that they are called the twin cities? And, in case you didn't know, we have the Mall Of America. Which really shouldn't matter as much as some people think it does, because the largest mall is not as important as farms. For if we didn't have farms, but we did have the Mall of America, it would be much smaller. Who would supply all the cotton for the factories that make all the clothes there? And who would supply all the food in the food courts? There would be no corn or anything like that. We would be stuck eating meat, and that would be the worst thing I could ever even think of.

The End

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