The patient and the DoctorMature

Author POV

Once the nurses and the doctor got the “Ok” sign the entered the blonde girls room.

The young yet well educated doctor looked around with his usual curiosity.

He did the same thing everyday. taking photos of the blood, diary and writing on the white wall.

Even though he should have gotten used to this by now. He was still always so exited to see

what this girl could do. For a while he just stood dazed as he looked ad the name written on the wall in blood


Siwon was written in red cursive.

He looked in her opened diary and as expected every word was identical to the ones on the earier pages exept for the number of days she’s been in there.

meanwhile the nurses was busy with cleaning the bloody mess she left, literally.

As well as cleaning up the girl covered in blood and her wounds.

Once they where all done they exited the room and locked the door.

The doctor saved the instant pictures he took everyday in a folder

with the date written on the white part of the photo.

Together with his information about this girl.

He compared the small information on the door with

the full information in his folder.


Name:Kim Hyoyeon

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Mental disorder: Scitzophrenia



The two last ones was just on the door as a warning to

everybody who wanted to pay her a visit.

They had to be aware that she was not the same girl they once used to know.

She was not just one person anymore.

She was Two persons in one body.


The doctor who looked though his files to see the antics she used to put up in the past looked almost dazed as he read the information given.

She wasn’t a straight A student yet she wasn’t a complete failure she wasn’t average either.


She was special. It was only a matter of time until the second mind she had would break out and do something stupid.

According to his papers it says that she done thing’s she don’t remember since she was 9

stupid thing’s that her mind just tells her the fault was someones else or that she never did what she did.


The young doctor who was only intrested in this Kim Hyoyeon.

she was very special indeed. Not normal, not completely crazy,yet far from average,

just extremly special.


The sientific Books he had read never told him to be prepared for such a being.

None of his colleges had worked with such a uniqe patient before.

At first it was hard to know which personality he was speaking to, which personality remembered what and which personality spoke in what way but

after he was choosen to be the one giving her treatment.

He with time he learnt to indifferate the two personalities.

One was evil chaotic while the other was neutral chaotic.

She spoke very poorly and simply when she was neutral while her evil side spoke very advanced and politely.


When she was her evil self her eyes glistened with hate and lust.

While her eyes where glazed and empty when she was her neutral self.

She looked broken and incredibly hurt when she was in her neutral mind.


The doctor found himself in his office behind his desk.

He often wandered off into his own world.

Thinking about his intresting patient.

He had quite a few folders with instand photos and notes he took during his visit to her room. And her visit to his office during her therapy sessions. All these filled up a small book shelf by themselfs. After all, she’s been there for more than a year.

Most of the other doctors where scared of her.

Why? because she was like a crazy character in a Movie or a Book, chaotic and almost unpredictible.

She wasn’t like any other patient here.

Who you could just calm down with a drug.

What calmed Hyoyeon down was Love.

And her doctor tried to show her lots of it. Which made her trust him.


He worked as a cork, if you will, he blocked the wound in her heart from bleeding, temporarily that is.

He did his best trying to take up her former lovers place. It was hard but worth the pains.

she started to show results. She started to open up, and she could talk about things. That came to her mind. But only to him of course.

The doctor felt lucky. lucky to have her exlovers name and apperence.

Because of that she trusted him. More than she trusted herself.

He didn’t really love her. but he somehow cared for the poor girl.

As her doctor but more than just a friend.

He would sometimes take her outside for a walk.


She was scared of the world outside of the hospital,

the sound and smell was odd to her. it made her remember things she though her mind had abandoned.

Horrible memories of her past.

The End

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