The DVD showed the Armoire being wheeled in on two wheeled dollies. Lionel Chapman was clearly identifiable as one of the men wheeling a dollie. The other workman had a hoodie over his head, and his face was in shadow. The armoire was dropped in the corner and both men left with the dollies.

Nothing happened for about fifteen minutes, then the door opened and the man with the hood came in. He went straight to the armoire and cut the cord holding the dust covers. He looked all around before he opened the wardrobe doors. It was at that moment that his face was clearly shown under the hoodie. The girls squealed, and clapped their hands in excitement.

"Do you recognize him Lillian?"

"No, do you?"

"I don't think so. I never really got to know many of the workmen. I recognized Mr. Chapman because he worked mostly on the main entrance, so I saw him a lot as I came and went. Dad might know. He's really thrown himself into this renovation. I'm sure he would at least recognize this guy's face if he is part of the crew."

"Lee's dad is the foreman. He would most certainly know the names and faces of everyone on the crew. He did all the hiring for this project. Let's watch the rest of this Barb, then we'll make some copy DVDs. I think we should keep the original one in a safe place."

"Good idea. I wonder if it'll fit in my doll."

Both girls laughed.Now that there was a solid lead, they could allow themselves to relax a little.

The rest of the video didn't give as good a showing of the man's face, but it showed him looking at the box tops , one by one. He could be heard mumbling to himself. Just the odd number read off the boxes was distinguishable. He tossed each box into the bin unopened, until he came to a box number that he liked. First he tested the clasp to see if it was locked, it wasn't. He took the top off and dumped the contents on the floor. He got down on his hands and knees, and rooted around in the contents. He opened every envelope, and looked in every little trinket box.

When he couldn't find what he was looking for, he kicked the box aside and continued to pull boxes out of the armoire. When he got to another number that he liked, he opened it and repeated the process. This time he was so angry at finding nothing, he pounded the floor with his fists, as he swore a blue streak. The video showed the door to the front of the annex opening. The man took a quick look, got up and ran out the door in the back of the annex. It showed Barb walking over to the boxes. After a cursory look through the jumble on the floor, she split the contents between the two open boxes and put them in the grey bin with the others.

The DVD was of the best quality, and it showed very clear pictures of everything. It showed Barb leaving, and the thief returning to take away the bin. It showed Lillian's arrival and the ensuing hair pulling incident. At least they had something to show the police, if nothing else. When they had gone through it once, they rewound it to the clear shot of the mystery man's face.

"Wait, I think I recognize this man!" Lillian all but shouted.

"Who is it?" Barb was as excited as Lillian was.

"Remember those few pictures of my twelfth birthday party? He was standing behind me when I was blowing out the candles!"

"What did you do with the box?"

"I brought it back up to the annex when we left the dumpster. I put it in behind the little table that was holding the video camera in the cubby hole under the stage."

"Good idea. It should be safe there.As far as I know, nobody knows about that cubby hole but dad and I."

The End

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