Unexpected Development

When Lee Gutterfisk ended his call, his face was grim.

"I was just talking to Lionel an hour ago. I asked him about the armoire being moved, and he said the guy had written orders to take it to the rehearsal hall. Lionel said he didn't recognize the guy, but I never thought to ask if he got a good look at him."

" Did Mr. chapman say anything about the bin and the boxes?" Lillian asked.

"No, but he obviously must have thought of something later, because he did find the bin in the alley."

"Uh.. Dad?" Jake asked. "Do you think that Mr. Chapman caught the guy who stole the bin and boxes, and that's who hit him on the head?"

"I think that's likely. Mr. Ogden said that the forensic unit was going over the crime scene now. They're not usually called in cases of assault. They're usually limited to murder cases. The police that arrived on the scene must have figured that poor Lionel wasn't going to make it, so they called forensics."

Lillian put her head down on her chest and wept quietly.

"This is all my fault. If I hadn't made such a fuss over those boxes, Mr. Chapman wouldn't have gotten hurt, or maybe even killed."

Jake went to Lillian's side and awkwardly tried to comfort her by patting her shoulder.

"It's not your fault Lillian. You had every right to try to find your stolen property, especially since the boxes meant so much to you."

Lillian looked up at him through wet lashes.

"That's kind of you Jake, but that doesn't help Mr. chapman much."

Jake nodded sadly in agreement.

While Jake and Lillian were talking, Mr. Gutterfisk was on his cell phone. He snapped it shut.

"I was just talking to Lionel's wife Amy. The police just left there, so she knows what happened. I'm going to go pick her up and take her to the hospital. Did you want to come along, son?"

"No thanks dad. I think I'll stay here for awhile."

The fact was that he had no intention of leaving Lillian's side unless she made him go.

It was getting really hot in the sun where everyone had gathered in a little group. When Jake and Lillian began their chat, Barbara went over to the dumpster and sat down in its' welcome shade.

She hugged the doll to her chest and rested her chin in it's still soft hair. Within seconds she was asleep and dreaming, or maybe just half awake and remembering a recent conversation with her father.

She woke with a start and jumped to her feet. As she did so, she dropped the doll in front of herself, and promptly tripped over it. She found herself sprawled flat on her face in the grass, laughing and crying at the same time.

Lillian ran to her as soon as she heard Barbara's yelp of surprise and alarm. As Lillian knelt beside her, Barbara put her hands on Lillian's shoulders and almost screamed into the other girl's face.

"I know how we can find the guy who took your boxes and hurt Mr. Chapman.'

"What? What do you mean?' Lillian face was a picture of puzzlement."

"I just remembered daddy telling me that he was going to put a camera in each public area, to track progress of the restoration. When the work was finished, he was going to have a big opening gala in the foyer, and show a then and now film to the workmen in appreciation."

Lillian's Jaw dropped open.

"Did he actually do it, though?" Lillian asked doubtfully.

"Yes he did, because I helped him place it! I took film making and camera angles in my first year of college. I'm going to major in it next year."

"Was there one in the rehearsal hall?"

Lillian's voice went up in hope and excitement.

"Yes, and it's hidden, so no one else knows it's there!"

By this time, Jake had joined them.

"Well, I guess we better get ourselves up to that rehearsal hall right now!"

The End

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