Box Hunt

There was a ladder leaning on the side of the dumpster, with Barbara standing on the third last rung. She was leaning a little to the left with both arms extended, trying to catch something that was being thrown up from inside the dumpster. He could only assume that Lillian was in there.

Ogden leaned against the door and watched. Barbara seemed to be having a good time. Sometimes she'd catch an article that was being thrown up. She would then climb down a few rungs and deposit it on the ground beside the ladder.

She was laughing, and she seemed to be unaware that her very expensive designer jeans were filthy, and there appeared to be a rip on the sleeve of her t-shirt. This was unheard of behaviour for Barbara, at least recently.

A shout from inside warned Barbara that something was coming up, but the throw was so hard that it went right over her head, and landed on the ground behind her. When she turned around, she saw her father standing there.

"Uh.. hi dad. You wouldn't believe the good stuff that they're throwing away!  Did you want me for something?"

She looked almost apprehensive, as though she was afraid that he was going to make her leave what she was doing.

" I just want to let Lillian know that I found one of her boxes in the back of the armoire."

"Really?, Oh wow!"

She leaned over the rung and shouted down into the dumpster.

"Hey dump duck!  Dad found one of your boxes in the cupboard!"

An ear splitting squeal came from inside, and he could hear her voice climbing up from the other side.

"Climb down Barb, and I'll switch ladders."

Barbara climbed down and Lillian's  head and shoulders appeared above the lip of the dumpster.

She easily switched from the inside ladder to the outside ladder, and climbed down. She ran to Ogden, holding one hand out.

"You found one? Oh good. Let me see! "

Ogden handed the white box over to her, and she immediately looked at the top, then opened the clasp. She sat on the grass and looked inside. Barbara came to sit down beside her, craning her head to take a peek. Lillian Pulled an envelope out of the box.

"This is my very first love letter from a boy. This is box number four, so I must have been twelve." Lillian said.

"What does the box number have to do with your age?" Barbara asked.

" I found the boxes in an old storage room when I was eight. My foster brother and sister, Tom and Janice helped me clean them up and paint them. The first box contained everything that was important to me in the whole year that I was eight. I numbered each box for each year since then. This is box number four, I was twelve."

"Can I look at the letter, or is it too private?"

"It's just kids' stuff, but sure, you can look. I thought you said that there was just junk in the boxes, why are you interested now.?"

" That was this morning, I've.. changed somehow. Just so you know, I didn't go into the boxes. The armoire was already open, and a couple of boxes where upside down on the floor."

"Why didn't you say that this morning?"

"Would you have believed me.. then?"

"Uh.. no, I guess not." Lillian admitted, blushing.

"The grey bin was already mostly full of the boxes. I just scooped up the stuff on the floor from those two, and put them in the bin. I honest to God did not see the labels."

"If you had told me all this before, I wouldn't have fought with you."

"Is that necessarily a bad thing? Look at everything that has changed between us, just since we woke up this morning."

Barbara  reached for the letter,  and Lillian sat the box down between them.

"That's true, things do seem to have changed drastically between us. What's up with that I wonder?"

"I don't know for sure, but I think it has to do with this theatre. I've been dreaming about my mom ever since I started coming here three months ago. She died here, so my whole life after we left had nothing to with her.  Somehow I'm getting the feeling that she wants daddy and I to be here, and she wants us to be friends."

The End

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