Ogden bolted forward and took the phone out of Gordon's hand before he could dial.

"No no stop! Don't call the police  please!

Ogden stood with  Gordon's phone in his hand, and looked at it as though he didn't know how it got there. This entire situation had gone downhill so fast that it had left him bewildered, not to mention scared.

"I..I'm sure we can come to a less damaging solution. Barbara is only nineteen years old.  Does this situation really warrant giving her a police record?"

Gordon gestured toward the phone, and Ogden gave it back to him.

"This whole thing probably seems pretty silly to you Harry, but think about it. What would you do to someone who had just attacked Barbara and drew blood? "

Ogden considered this, and realized that he would probably call the police too. He spread his hands  palms up in a gesture of defeat, and appealed to Lillian's better nature.

"What do you want to do Lillian? You're the injured party. It's up to you. Do you want Barbara to go to jail?"

Lillian had stepped away from Gordon when he took his phone out and now she regarded Barbara intently.

" I..I don't know, I have to think..."

Lillian wiped her pale face with her hands and glanced over at Barbara. The other girl looked just as miserable as she did.

"I..I'm sorry Lillian, honestly. I didn't even know I was going to do that till I did it!  I was so mad I wasn't even thinking what I was doing. All of a sudden I felt we were little kids again, and you were calling me Barbie doll like you used to. I really  truly am sorry."

Barbara slumped against a pile of plywood with her head down. She appeared to be totally done in.

Lillian didn't know whether to trust the younger girl's word or not. It was possible that she had become a good actress, since she had grown up around actors all her life.

Lillian decided to take a chance that Barbara actually was sorry, and give her a chance to stay out of jail.

"I guess I shouldn't have taunted you Barbara, but my whole life is in those boxes. Snippets of everything that has ever meant anything at all to me. My only link to my parentage and heritage is in them. I just have to get them back!"

The End

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