Personal Belongings

Barbara's father pulled Lillian away from his daughter. Ron the stage manager  made a quick call on his cell phone to Gordon Willard. After speaking for a moment, he hung up and joined the little group, where the two girls were glaring at each other.

Ogden let go of Lillian, and stood with his hands at his sides, unsure what to do next. Because of his acting skills, he could usually handle any emotional situation that came his way. Real life was different, though. He had no idea how to handle two warring young women.

Ron stepped past Ogden, to stand  between the two girls.  The situation might need a buffer in case things  deteriorated to physical mayhem again.

"Alright, girls, what exactly is going on? Lillian, who attacked who?"

" I did, Ron. I was trying to shake the whereabouts of my boxes out of her."

"Your boxes, what happened to your boxes?'

"I went into the main room in the annex this morning, and the armoire was gone. A workman told me it was here, and when I got here, it was empty!"

Lillian pointed at the armoire that now stood in the corner with the dust wrappings around it, and one door open.

Ron's brow furrowed. He knew that Lillian had been filling those boxes ever since she was little. He had no idea what was in them, but he knew they were important to her.

"What does all of this have to do with you, Barb?"  Ogden asked his daughter.

"That armoire belongs to us, now. We own everything in the theatre, and I wanted to see what was in it. "  Barbara answered petulantly.

"Those boxes are mine. The armoire might be yours, but those boxes are mine!"  Lillian shouted.

 "I don't know why you're in such a tizzy.  I looked into a couple, and there was just  some old  letters, a broken bead necklace, some other stupid junk. I threw them all into one of those grey garbage bins the workmen use."

Gordon Willard approached them, and put his arm around Lillian for moral support. He heard what had happened to the boxes.

"Lillian is right, Harry. The contract we both signed makes any personal belongings of the current residents off limits."

Ogden pulled his thin frame up to its' full height  He straightened his back in a military manner and tried to stare down Gordon.

He was annoyed that Gordon had used his old common name, Harry. He was far above that now!  He turned  toward his daughter.

"You had no idea they were personal property, did you princess ?"

He gently put a hand on her shoulder. He was shy about touching her in any way, Their relationship had never been particularly affectionate.  Although he used pet names freely, they were empty, meaningless to him. 

She shook her head.

"She's lying!  Every box has a label on the top that says the property of Miss Lillian Joyce Plummer, Royal Grand Theatre."

"That's true, they are labelled, I've seen them. Since Barbara knew they were personal property and threw them out anyway, she effectively breached the contract that we both signed."

Gordon's face flushed with fury, his hands clenched. He was fed up with Ogden's arrogance, and Barbara's mean spirited treatment of Lillian. He tried to push down the anger before he punched Ogden in the face!

"In fact, I can legally boot both of you out of here on your arrogant ears, for breach of contract. All the work that has been done so far is a loss to you. It was your spoilt daughter that broke the contract."

Ogden's military stance collapsed . His muscles relaxed, and his face registered bewilderment.  It never even occurred to him that something so silly as a few discarded boxes would have such appalling repercussions.

His career could not afford such a setback.  The plans for  the reopening of this theatre was geared toward reawakening  his fading star power.

His  intention was to make a big name for himself as a stage actor. After all, he had come from nothing and become a big movie star.  Now that he had gotten older, and made some bad  project choices, he had mostly lost that standing. He would simply have to reinvent himself. He could not allow Willard to take that away from him.

"Alright now, that is ridiculous, Willard. It was just a simple act of willfulness. You can't take away all that we've been working for over a silly teen aged whim. What is it going to take to fix this?"

Gordon glanced down at the top of Lillian's head. She was at least six inches shorter than him.

'What do you want to do about this, Lilly? It's your property that has been taken away, so it's your call. What do you want to do?"

"I want my boxes back. I don't care if that prissy little brat has to crawl through every dump in in the county, I want my boxes back!"


The End

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