Lillian ran down the stairs to the Annex, face flushed. She stopped at the entrance to the prop room where work was being done that day. She watched a workman  pull a faux marble bench prop out from under a pile of debris, for a moment, then approached him shyly.


She spoke quietly, but loud enough for him to hear her. He put the bench down and stretched. He groaned and imagined that he could almost hear his bones creak.

"Yeah, Missy?"

He sat down on the bench and took a five minute break while he talked to this timid young woman that had interrupted his work.

D..did you happen to move an old wardrobe cupboard from the annex this morning?"

"That depends, I moved a lot of stuff already today. What does it look like?"

"It's an eight foot high, six foot wide ribbon striped mahogany armoire with a carved scroll work pediment on top. It has Gold filigree over each of the arches of the double doors."

He was surprised at the knowledge of fine cabinet making that girls usually don't care about.

"Well, that's pretty specific, missy. I do remember a big old boxy thing under a layer of dust wrappings that we moved over to the main rehearsal hall."

"What? Nobody told me! That armoire was supposed to stay in the annex. I was promised!"

Lillian was almost in tears.

"Now now missy, we were careful with it. We had to redo the floors in the annex. They were rotted and spongey in places. We couldn't work around it, so we had to move it. I'm sure it's OK."

He was barely finished his sentence before she had turned and fled toward the main rehearsal hall. When she got there, she flung the heavy oak door wide with a strength that she didn't know she had.

She ran to the huge armoire that was sitting in the corner. The dust covers and their bindings were lying on the floor in a heap around it. She pulled one of the doors open and screamed in a high pitched heart wrenching way..

"It's empty! Where are my boxes? My boxes are gone!"

She sat on the floor in front of the armoire and burst into a fit of tears.

""Tsk tsk tsk, such drama!"

Barbara looked down her haughty nose at the weeping girl on the floor. Lillian peered up at her through wet lashes.

"Do.. you know... what happened to... the white boxes... that were in here?" She sobbed, almost incoherently.

The girl shrugged, disinterested.

"There was nothing but junk in them. I threw them in one of those grey bins on wheels that they take the garbage out in."

With a snarl like a caged animal, Lillian jumped up and grabbed Barbara  by the shoulders and shook her till her head wobbled like a bobble headed doll.

"You had no right! They were mine! Only mine alone! Nobody was allowed to touch them! Where are they ? Where did they go? We've got to find them!"

Barbara was so surprised by the attack that she didn't resist at all for a whole minute, then she let out an ear piercing screech.

The foremen of the construction crew, Barbara's father, and Ron Logan the stage manager came running.

The End

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