Not without a fight.

I'm thrashing like a manica, desperately trying to escape the grip of my detainers.

"Damnit kid quit thrashing!" one yells. I respond in a befitting manner as he trieds to put me in a headlock....I headbutt his chin, causing him to bite his tounge. He yelps in pain, giving myself a sense of accomplishment.

"This should stop him." the other says. He pulls out a strange gun with two prongs. A tazer!

"Oh crap!" I yell. But it's too late, he prongs jutting into my chest and sending a volt of electricty coursing into my body. I feel myself grow weak, and then everything goes black.

I wake up again, my vision still partly fuzzy. I try to move but can't. Soemthing holds me still. I look around my body and see that I am strapped to a white jacket and the chain attached to it is tied around a large metal ball.

"Well Mister Itong, you've proved to be quite a handful." a voice says to me from behind a large, metal door.

"Release me!" I roar. I try my best to intimidate him, yelling and stomping like a madman. I make a dash towards the door. I see a tall, bald man in a white suit smirk at me as I'm violently yanked backwards. I groan and lie on my stomach, hoping it will cool the pain in my chest.

"Struggling is futile my friend. We've already captured two others, and more are being captured as I speak."

I struggle to stand, not wanting this guy get the best of me. I glare at him through the barred windows. "Others?"

He laughs and waves his hands. Two guards in black suits enter the room. One of them carries a large rifle while the other acrries a strange looking baton. The man flicks a switch on his baton and it begins cackling with electricity.

" We will have to break you mister Itong," the white suit man says. He snaps his fingers as the guard begins to appraoch me. I try to move my arms or any other limbs but to no avail. "You are strong..but even you will be quiet after this." He chuckles before exiting with the armed guard, leaving me in the white padded room with the guard.

"This'll shut you up quick kid!" he smirks. He waves the baton menacingly in front of me.

I spit beside me and sit cross legged on the floor. "Do your worse," I challenge him. Little does he know, that as I talk, I'm cutting the jacket with an old swiss army knife I manage to reach deep in my back pocket...

The End

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