White Asylum

My view of how it would be like to be held hostage in a crazy house. Feel free to post yours!

      I looked around, my black eyes all shifty and dialated with a hint of redness, showing my anxiety and frustration. Where was I? Everywhere was... bright, and felt so soft. The color was on the tip of my tongue as I stood up and walked on the cushiony floor. It felt like pillows have been embedded onto the floor, just for me. Feeling lightheaded, I walked forward a bit dizzy and perplexed as I fell back down again, hitting what seemed to be a padded wall with same softness as the floor's. "White..." the word sounded natural as I whispered it under my breath. I didn't like this place. Yes, it was comfortable, but it gave an eerie feeling that made my head scream bloody murder.

      The idea popped into my head of red stains covering the egg shell white softness, the colors contrasted perfectly, and the room wouldn't be so dull anymore... But, where could I find red. Sitting down, I looked to see my hands. They both were a fleshy pale pink. Pink was good, but I wanted red. What was below all the pink flesh though? It must the beautiful maroon I wanted badly. A large smile spread across my face, I can finally get what I want! Quickly, I pound my arm with my opposite fist rough, hoping to break the skin. Was it painful? No, not really. Was it fun? Yes. I stopped, realizing it wouldn't come out, but my arm was a disgusting purple and blue.

      A high pitched ring broke into my ears, did I do something wrong? I didn't know better, I just wanted red! I cover my ears, but it wouldn't go away. Then, something opened and these strange people burst into the room and held me down. The ring still hurt my ears and it just grew louder as I managed to hear someone say in a deep voice, "Stop screaming!" Who was screaming? Me?

      They still held me down, my long black hair sprawled around everywhere, fear evident in my eyes as I saw a long pointed needle. I didn't feel any pain, but it made me go into a world of black.

      When I woke up, I was greeted with the same white nightmare. Where was this place again? I couldn't remember anything and I felt cold. I couldn't move my arms, barely the upper part of my body because of this funny jacket the mean people put on me. I looked down... White. It was the same color as everything. Was this going to be my new home? I don't want it to be. The color hurts my eyes, so I close them and leaned against the soft walls. Was this my imagination? My eyes flutter open again, only to be greeted by brightness. No, this is reality.

The End

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