Sweet Innocent Sheep


Then next few days that went by were boring days. The scenes stayed the same. Herman meditates in the corner, absorbing information into his head. Aaron still tries to figure out the concept of synchronizing with his releases. After failing quite a number of times, his fingers were covered in blood.

Kailyn and Terrence were sparring to increase their abilities. Terrence's release, as he explained to everyone, was "Forced Armor". Forced Armor was just air welded into tight packs to protect Terrence from incoming attacks. This make him invincible to everyone except those faster than the wind.

The past events that occurred seemed to have disappeared in everyone's heads. No body asked any unnecessary questions. Everyone was busy focusing on finding a way to defeat Raymond.

Yet far off in the distance, an evil laugh and the clicking on a board could be heard. The king moved forth to capture a pawn. "I'll pick you out, my cute little sheep."

The End

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