Another Failure


Silvia came into the room. "Welcome back."

"Thank you sir. However, I was unable to come back successful." She bowed her head low.

"Yes. I was informed of the failure. However, I forgive you. I was rather surprised that Kailyn found out about the secret hidden in the swords. I'm beginning to wonder whether Aiya told her or not."

"We should assume the worst just in case, sir. Being prepared is never a bad thing."

"I suppose... How were the others? And Terrence? Is he doing well?" I lifted my glass of high-classed red wine, or so they called it on Earth. The bitter yet sweet taste lasted in my mouth.

"Terrence is doing well. He seems to have sided with them but I have no concrete proof of it. The boy named Aaron... he looks a lot like you. The old man, Herman, is probably a scribe sent from God. I suppose even the high and mighty is beginning to be suspicious of our movements. And Kailyn is doing well. She still has an attachment to you I suppose, but yet again, I have no concrete proof."

"Good job reporting. Aaron, he will be surprised if he hears about this. So oblivious like he always was. Anyways, I will be sending out another wave of attack in a few days. Let's give them time to improve. I want them strong. Let hatred grow in them. My seeds of hate. Let them spread across the world!"

The End

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