Bonding: Lesson #1


It was a while before everyone got out of the shock. Terrence was depressed in his own little world. I couldn't reach him across the blockade of walls. For now, I could only wait for him to calm down.

The old man looked as if he was jotting down notes and information in his brain. I really wonder how he could still think straight.

But the person that surprised me the most was Aaron. For some reason, it felt like he was totally unaffected by the events that just happened. Immediately after the fight, he asked me whether or not I was alright. As I replied yes, he blasted me with questions on how to fight with Enchanted. I was utterly shocked. He looked like a little child begging to get something after being good.

"Well I could teach you, but you still have lots to learn. Besides, you haven't bonded with Eve or Era for much."

"So. I will learn. I must. If I just let Terrence walk around, the whole world would be in ruins. He didn't even move to save you. I'm gonna have to protect you someday too ya know?"

Do you even know what you are talking about? You don't even know about Terry's situation go babbling nonsense. And you? Protect me? You couldn't even protect yourself. "I think it might be impossible with your level," I bluntly replied.

"It doesn't matter. You will train me, and that's that."

"Oh if you really want to." As if. "Okay, you should start by concentrating. For the time being, I don't think we will be able to go anywhere with the destruction of our minds and body. So I would like you to sit on that rock over there, and balance Eve and Era with the points on top of your finger. When you have accomplished that, we might begin to leave."

This is impossible for those who don't know their releases. A release can be an enemy or a friend, depending on their mood. And it doesn't seem as if they were getting along. Yet, he ran off bustling with energy.

I sighed and looked over at Terrence. One problem solved, and another one occurs.

I walked over to him. There is no point in worrying about anything. You'll be like me. All depressed, not looking forward to anything anymore. Weren't you the one who told me not to give up? Weren't you the one who encouraged me? Why is it vice versa now?

The End

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