Terms and Definitions


Wow. This is information. This is news. This is the best scope I can possibly get for my library. To think I will learn this much from traveling with a group of hell dwellers.

Enchanted. It is a state when an angel combines three releases. This is a nearly impossible task because it takes a long time to adjust to a certain release. The basic information is that no angel can have three releases in the first place. Kailyn combined Sherman, and the swords and the daggers to form this release.

Raymond. He is currently pulling a lot of strings behind the events. He is related to Kailyn, looks a lot like Aaron, is the master of Terrence, and took the soul of Silvia. He apparently threw away Aiya and Arai.

Alpha. A human-looking monster. Regains human memories but doesn't reflect on the past. Has incredible speed, and doesn't have any armor or weapons. Defends barehanded. The only currently known Alpha is Silvia.

Double Soul Set. The combo between Aiya with Era, and Arai and Eve. A set of double-colored swords that hold amazing damage powers.

Hm... Oh and the most basic thing I forgot.

Herman Decker. It is me. A scribe in the making. And nobody knows that.

The End

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