I guess my suspicions were correct. You are special, and I knew it. I guess I just played along, like I did to my other sad endings. My fate was never intended to end well. I was destined to suffer the worst of all fates.

Terry finished telling his long story. Aaron and Herman were silent. They looked at the grounds confused about all that happened. I supposed they didn't expect that much truth were to be hurled at them all at once.

"So what do you do now 'friends' of Terrence?" Silvia, a horrible girl. Though she learned of the tough times a man went through to get her back, she ignores it, and looks at a man, Raymond, that will never grant her wish.

"I'll come with you Silvia." I gathered up my strength to stand. The wind pushed me up, as to urge me on. "I'll save you and Terrence."

"What are you talking about? I already decided to..." I held up my finger to my mouth. Don't say anything. If they found out that you changed sides, there will be no hope in saving her. Without communicating, Terrence already knew and kept quiet.

"Wow, you're a surprisingly good girl if you want to be one." Silvia was behind me in less than a second.

"I will only go if you let the others go."

"Not a bad deal. I accept." Silvia took me by the hand and dragged me and my sore muscles away.

"Stop right there!" Aaron cried out. "I will not allow Kailyn to be taken away. Terrence, why do you let that happen? I don't know what goes on between the two of you, but shouldn't you be protecting the lady? After hiding this much from me, there is still more to tell. I'm sure of it. At least I can aim towards this goal to get you back."

"Really now?" Silvia rushed by and disarmed Aaron in less than a blink of the eye. "I don't think you can."

Idiot. How many idiots can there be in one world? Grr... and I was thinking about saving this trick for later.

Aiya, Arai. Eve, Era. Come to me in 5... 4... 3... Silvia held Aaron by the neck. 2... 1...

"Release! Double Soul Set!" Please work.

Magical powers flowed into me, and I felt regenerated. It actually worked; I was able to perform a release with two weapons that were not mine.

In my left hand, Arai and Eve combined to form a black sword with a white center. In my right hand, Aiya and Era combined to form a white sword with a black center. The handles were elaborately decorated in gold and silver.

Ready guys?


I was pretty lucky that the weapons were fond of me. Without that connection, I would not have been able to perform this. I dashed forth with great speed and slashed at Silvia.

The guys stared with their eyes wide open. "Double, no Triple Combo right?" Silvia balanced herself. "I didn't think you were able to become so strong."

"I didn't think I will be able to do this in the first place. I suppose you're gonna report this to Raymond too right?"

"Well I suppose, but I'm sure he prefers you telling him instead of me." Silvia and I clashed in battle. She fought barehanded, countering all that I hit her with. I struggled to keep up with the speed. Occasionally she would strike and scrap me.

After a few more minutes of close combat, I broke us apart by releasing an earthquake from Arai and Eve's sword. Then I added a few sparks of lightening with Aiya and Era's sword. I missed Silvia, but I stroke the remaining Er's dead.

"Consider yourself lucky." Silvia went to Terrence and kissed him on the cheek. "You'll never escape your bonds." Then she disappeared.

I looked at the boys and smiled. "Enchanted. This mode of release is called Enchanted."

The End

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