The Story



The word meant blank in my mind. It was in the past. It wasn't even worth remembering the painful memories that came with that word.

I expected myself to watch in agony as Kailyn felt betrayed once again. Yet as I glanced at her face, not a tear rolled down. Instead, a genuine smile bloomed on her faced covered with dust.

"What the hell is going on?" I heard it. The loud boom of Aaron's voice could be heard miles away. "Exactly what are you? Are you trying to tell me that all that you said were lies?"

"Yes my dear boys. He has been lying to you from the start. Let's just say that he had an intention of keeping it from you." Silvia brushed by my shoulder sneering at me.

"Don't worry. I'm fine... You can say that I already knew. Just tell us. Maybe your burden could be lifted," said Kailyn.

Oh what kind words you say to me. Yet you are the one suffering the most. I looked up at the glowing red moon. A moon whose eyes were red from weeping.

"And so I begin my story...

It was about two hundred years ago in the bright lights of the palace in heaven. Up in the clouds, everyone was carefree and laughter filled the air. Oh how I wished this was eternity. Eternity was a lie, a fantasy no one can achieve.

This lie that I thought to be false came true. I, being a curious little fellow strayed away from the protections of god. I wandered into the boundaries  of Earth. It was a bloody sight. Unknown of the war that lasted a hundred years, I walked along the streets with bodies thrown here and there. With the bit of magic that I had known, I acted like a citizen of the area. In the distance I saw lady dressed in rags, a beautiful lady. Though she was covered in dirt and soot, she was beautiful in my heart. That would be Silvia. She was begging to a soldier, asking for any food he could spare. That soldier pushed her away. Yet she kept on begging, even when she knows the consequences. As the soldier waved his sword, I sped over to block the attack. An angel was a protector, a savior. However, it didn't felt that way. It felt more. Before I knew it, I fell in love. Yes. I was in love with a stranger that I never met. I don't even know her, yet I felt strangely attracted to her.

And so after I chased away the soldier, and was about to leave, she asked me, "Do you have any food dear man?" "Yes I do," I replied, and fed her the food taken from the palace to last my wandering time. I stared at her face while she chewed and chomped at the food. When I studied her closely, her bones were nearly surfaced with the lack of nutrition. Her hands were covered in blood. Her golden silver hair was stained black.

"Where's your parents?" She seemed old enough to know. "Dead." One word, and simple to understand. "Do you have any relatives?" "Dead... well I did have a brother..." I inquired where he was. She replied, "I ate him." Under the impression that it was a joke, I asked again, "Where is your brother?"

"I ate him." Silvia told me the story of the war. Her parents died early due to a fire of their house. Then she escaped with her brother in search of a place to life. After surviving for five years on scraps, she subconsciously ate her brother. Her uncontrollable hunger moved her on. Yet later on I learned the truth of the story.

All the strings being pulled were operated by Raymond. With the killing of her own blood relative, Silvia was unable to rest in peace. She wandered into hell. As I was still madly in love with her, I followed her. She led me to a cave. The cave that opened up to reveal the devil.

I traded my loyalty to him in return for Silvia to be converted back into an angel. That vow was the worse mistake of my life. In the dark hours of night, or was it day, I wouldn't know, I would wonder what made me so stupid to do such a thing.

This contract with Raymond allowed me to improve my skills in my release. Silvia evolved as she devoured human souls. I watched her distantly, unable to do anything. As she became an Alpha, she regained her memories of the past. She knows what she did wrong, yet didn't reflect on it.

Enchanted by her spell, I obeyed her every command. This led me to meet Kailyn, and that is where my story ends. This series of events goes to show how my stupid love traded away my freedom and my friends."

The End

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