The battle had just started. The Er's began to crowd around the group.

Kailyn released her wolf, Sherman, into the battlefield while Herman did a protective forcefield over Kailyn's dangled body. Aaron was starting to swing around the double daggers. There were a total of eight Er's, each eager to feast on some meat.

Kailyn skillfully dodged most of the attacks. She dealt damage by ripping off the flesh of the Er. It was a bloody sight on that side of the battle. However, on the other side, Aaron was struggling to keep a balance. Aaron was already weary from the training sessions. In addition, Eve and Era wouldn't listen to a thing he said.

"Wake up already Era! And Eve, I really need your help. You know this is a serious crisis right?"

"Like I care. It doesn't really matter to me." Then she purposely pulled Aaron along into the face of the Er. Though the point did pierce the target, Aaron's face fell flat onto the monster's chest. When the Er disintegrated, Aaron crumbled onto the floor.

"Get up you weakling!" Herman yelled. "You won't be able to get any stronger from that."

"Ouch. You try this, old man, and you'll feel the pain." Aaron went hurling after another Er.

Sherman already finished off three, so there were only four more left. However, Sherman was already panting. Unable to hold up anymore, Kailyn went back into her body. Herman quickly used his pixie to heal as many wounds as possible. Aaron was also beginning to fall behind. This looked like a losing battle.

"Hm... This bunch isn't that strong after all." Silvia grinned. Then she looked at Terrence. "Shouldn't you be smiling at this?"

"Why? Is there a reason I have to?" Terrence looked away.

"Don't worry." Terrence turned around to see Kailyn give him a thumbs-up. "You don't have to do anything."

"What are you talking about? You're nearly wiped-out!" Aaron moved back with the group to heal his wounds.

"Don't tell me you didn't tell them yet right?" Silvia asked.

"Stop Silvia. Don't say anything. I already did everything Raymond said. You can't make any choices here," replied Terrence.

"Oh I can. It is under his orders, "Find a way to drag them over here. By force if necessary."

Terrence looked towards Kailyn for reassurance, but she was already back in the fight.

"I order all Er's to stop." At Sylvia's command, all the fighting ceased. "Let's say this once and get it over with. Terrence is actually an..."

Terrence cringed at the thought of the next word.


The End

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