Our Conversation

"So this is where Raymond's release was."

"S-s-silvia..." Why is she here? Don't tell me Raymond sent her. If that's the case, he knows that I'm here.

"Hello Terry. How have you been?" She smiled. Don't trust it. These are all lies. "It's been a while since you came home. Don't you miss me?"

No. Don't say that. Of course I miss you, you idiot. I looked back to see the rest of the group still intact. However, there were some Er's off in the distance.

"What did you come here for Silvia?"

"I came to fetch Raymond's guest. Apparently she is taking a while to come. Aren't you in charge of bringing her there?"

"Yes, but..."

"Release!" Shoot, Sherman has not recovered from his last battle with an Er yet, and Aaron is still a beginner. I turned to help them, but was blocked by Silvia.

"Where do you think you are going?" She looked at me with a glittering smile. Stop doing that already. "Shouldn't we just watch them fight it out?"

"Terrence, what are you doing over there? Hurry up, beat her, and help us already. We're a little short on hands!" Aaron managed to scream over the loud crashes of battle.

"Oh... so you made a new friend huh? He looks surprisingly similar to Raymond don't you think?"

"Yeah and what about it? Is it bad for me to make friends?"

"Oh no. That's not what I was saying, but don't you want to save me instead?" As if you're talking sense. You turned into this yourself didn't you?

The group on the bottom were struggling. Please stay alive. Please fight just a little longer...

The End

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