Eve and Era right? Eve is the girl and Era's the guy. That much I got straight. But I really couldn't think much when I was being forced back and forth by Terrence. He wasn't as tough as Kailyn. Maybe it's because he doesn't know the swords' names. Now that will work to my advantage.

"Keep your back straight for goodness sake. The only time I will allow you to bend is when you are dodging my attacks." A swing of the sword nearly got me. By now, my body was already filled with injuries. Kailyn didn't bother to hold back on me at all.

Just then, Eve swerved over to the left, almost dragging me to the edge of Aiya's blade. What are you doing? I almost got killed here.

Hmph. What right to you have to make me obey. From the conversation I heard from Kailyn, you dumped us for the beautiful swords over there.

I'm sorry, but I didn't know that connecting with your release was even possible back then. Plus, I thought it was better to fight with the swords. They move around better.

We would have been better if you just practiced with us. And besides, their owner actually trained them. Unlike you.

Just then, Era seemed to have gained a few pounds. It was really hard to lift him up to block an incoming attack. What is wrong now?

I'm tired. See you tomorrow. ZZZzzz...

Hey, are kidding me? Wake up!

"What's wrong?" Terrence took a swing at me and I barely dodged with a scrape on my thigh. "Give up already?"

"Nope. Everything is just starting." Okay, I think I got this. "Eve is a playful girl who is very picky on who holds her and will only listen if she likes you. Era is a laid back dude that will only fight if you can persuade him."

"Well there was only one part that you missed. Era holds a great power if you can command him. Plus,  he rarely takes part in battle, so it is recommended that you get used to the weight too. Other than that, congratulations." Kailyn just waved her hand without looking back to acknowledged that she heard me.

"So, since I passed, can you tell me the secret?" They really know how to keep things in suspense. I was dying to know.

In less than two seconds, a gust of wind blew up. "What's going on?" Gramps and Kailyn shielded from the impact while Terrence got sucked up in the attack.

As the breeze dies down, there was a beautiful lady with her arms wrapped around Terrence. Terrence whipped around and landed an attack on the girl with Aiya, but she stopped the blow with a finger just like Kailyn did.

"So this is where Raymond's release was." Her voice was very sweet.

"S-s-silvia..." Terrence's voice shook worse than an earthquake.

The End

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