Aaron is no good at all. How will Terry and I defend for two people at once, let alone protect ourselves if he is coming and chasing us?

"Kailyn, I sense him. He already knows that we are here."

I grind my teeth. Fast as usual. "Do you know his next move?"

"He'll probably send someone after us to take us there." Terry had on a worried face.

"Then let's go." I walked on ahead dragging along what I think were the luggage of the other two.

"Are you guys ready to leave yet? I think we should hurry up." Terrence's voice contained a lot of urgency. There must be something wrong.

Aaron ran to catch up with us while the old man staggered behind. He's suspicious of us. I think Terrence lied again.

Speaking of which... there was always something weird about Terry. He had never told me anything from the past. Yet he is so loyal to Raymond when I first met him, and so kind to me. Nah... he couldn't be... Let's just hope that I'm thinking too much.

Clashes could be heard. The two began to fight.

"Get your grove into it. One, two. One, two. Back straight. Try to keep your posture, or else you'll create an opening." Terrence was placing Aaron into boot camp. Terry was using the swords while Aaron was taking his time to find a good grip on his daggers.

"Are you sure this is the right thing to do?" Herman came up to me.

"Well at least if it doesn't improve his skills, his confidence level can soar."

"He told me that the previous owner of the swords was a guy named Raymond. Can you give me more details on him?"

"Herman, don't you think your digging yourself into a deep hole? Too much information is bad for you."

"Really now. But..."

"Eve and Era!" Aaron shouted.

"Correct! First test passed!" I shouted back. And to think that he'll get the hand of things in less than a day.

"That may be true, but your posture still sucks," Eve replied. She was the white dagger.

"Yes. Yes. So true." Era was the black dagger.

"Next task is for you to find out their personality and get used to talking and fighting with them. Now that they can speak, the level of difficulty to control them increases." I can't wait to see the outcome of that.

"Well seems like there will always be some way for you to avoid the conversation. But I will surely find out your secrets." Herman avoided eye contact.

"Don't worry. Just don't regret later on that you even bother to try."

The End

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