Training Lessons


I tried to breathe in and out at a steadier pace, but I never seemed to be able to catch up to the speed of Kailyn. She swung the swords majestically and she wasn't even tired or breathing hard at all.

"Let's stop for now. You need your energy to travel." Kailyn handed Aiya and Arai back to me.

"Can't we go on for a bit longer?" I called out after her. I was pretty bummed out that I couldn't beat a girl in a fight, but I had to admit that she was really good.

"It's no use. You have not connected with your release. Have you learned their names yet?"

"Um..." I was at a lost of words.

"I already heard their names." I glanced up at her as if she was a ray of light at the end of the dark tunnel.

"No I will not tell you." Grr... A rock fell down to block the light of my tunnel. "You have to learn to listen for yourself. What is the whole point if I connect with your release when I'm not even its owner?"

"Then is there an easier way to find out?" I followed her as she walked towards Terrence who waved at us.

"Yeah. If you meditate, or connect to your inner self, it will just come to you. It sounds easier than it looks. Fighting a bit more might also improve your concentration. You stagger every time you dodge my attacks."

She even studies my movements? Wow. "And, if you do well enough, there can be something you can use to improve your attacks."

"What is it?" I brimmed with a smile. I would do anything to become stronger.

"I'll tell you once you have passed the first test." Sigh. I'll never get anything out of her.

"Mistress, it's time for us to leave. He probably already knows."

"Yeah I suppose. Oh and can you fight Aaron as we are on the move? He needs lots of help."

"Sure no problem." Terrence and Kailyn went away to huddle and whisper about things again.

I felt a smack on the head. "Ouch gramps. Don't have to hit me so hard."

"That doesn't matter now. What did she tell you?" Herman was bugging me about the whole situation.

"A lot of stuff. She taught be about finding the names of my release, and she is set on training me until I become better at defending myself."

"Did she tell you the reason?"

"Well, she did mention the owner of the two swords that a found not to long ago. She said they belonged to Raymond. He was an old friend of hers if I recalled correctly." Right? That was what she said...

"Are you guys ready to leave yet? I think we should hurry up," Terrence shouted across to us.

"Yeah we're coming." I walked ahead leaving the old man behind in his thoughts. This is really complicated for my brain...

The End

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