"Master, I have returned." The Er knelt to the ground. He was bleeding.

"Where's the girl?" I looked at it impatiently.

"Sire, you did not inform me of her powers. I injured her and I thought that you would not have liked it if I brought her back torn in pieces."

"True. Very true. But did you know something my dear pet?" The poor thing just shook its head.

"I would be even more upset if you brought nothing back!" I stabbed the creature behind its back. It disintegrated into the air. Brainless creatures these are. When will they learn that a master's order is absolute?

"Sir, your feast is ready." The beautiful Alpha brought in a cart full of food. She wheeled the vehicle next to me.

"I'm sorry Silvia. Would you mind doing away with the meal? The useless creature didn't bring back a prize to celebrate with."

"Understood sir. Is there anything else I can help you with?"

"Yes there is my dear. I would like you to infiltrate the little group that has gathered near Area 542. They should be moving so you must catch up to them quickly. Find a way to drag them over here. By force if necessary."

"Yes sir." The maiden disappeared with my food.

It's not too much longer Kailyn. I'll have you within my hands as you should have been. You rebellious creature. Not only did you rebel from god, you also defy me. How much eviler do you want to get?

"Lord Raymond. I spotted Terrence with the group. Should I take him?"

"No. I already sent Silvia. Things are going as planned. Just keep track of where they are heading and report back."


The End

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