Too Many Secrets: All Lies


"What did you want to talk to me about?" Terrence sat cross-legged on top of the rubble.

"Though I really don't want to bother you guys, I feel that there are still many things that you guys are hiding from us." Herman looked at Terrence seriously.

"I know. And there are even things that she keeps from me. I do not intend to say anything unless she agrees with it. The only thing I can say is that she has had a hard time, and I wish I can erase it from her thoughts the best that I can." Terrence looked away, trying not to get eye contact.

"It's okay if that is really what you wish to do, but Aaron wouldn't like all these secrets floating around. He doesn't trust you enough already. I know you mean no harm. But if you can't talk about her, can you tell us about yourself?"

Terrence took a deep breath. "It was over two hundred years since I have been down here. I was an angel that descended onto Earth. It was during the time of wars. My general told me that I was to retreat and take cover because the enemies were overpowering us. Yet I was a stubborn person and didn't listen. I set fire to the whole area. Not only did it injure the enemy, my friends and I all went down with the blaze. I guess being here is just a way to think back on my horrible deeds."

"And you became a Frar and evolved due to your refusal to regret?"


"Okay. I should stop here. Go to Kailyn now since you've been looking at that direction for a while already. I'll get the stuff ready so we'll be able to head out in a while."

Terrence got up and nearly ran all the way there.

You avoid looking into my eyes. Your voice is too hesitant. You lie. The war happened three hundred years ago. You still hold too many secrets.

The End

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