Set of Double Souls


I tried my best to sound nice. It's hard now that I suspect them. Yet it's hard not to trust them. I have nothing against them, and there was no solid proof that they were the actual enemies. Too innocent to be proven guilty...

"What are you doing here?" Kailyn looked at me and then at my release. "Is this your release?"

"No. I found these two in hell. They were still usable to fight so I took them."

"That explains why..." Explains what? "What is your actual release then?"

"Mine is basically the same thing, but they are daggers. I find it easier to use swords though.

"I think that you should use the daggers. They are yours and only yours. Don't trade something that is precious to you for something someone would throw away. Besides... if the swords are still here, then the owner is still alive."

"What would you know?" Then all of a sudden, the swords began to move. The white one charged straight ahead and dragged me with it. The black one was following reluctantly behind. Just as the sword was about to pierce Kailyn, she raised a finger. The sword touched her, but didn't pierce through her skin. "What is..."

"You've turn dull, Aiya."

"Nice to see you again mistress."

"What in heaven?!" I threw my swords in the air and fell to the floor. It talked... a sword can talk? I stared wide-eyed as Kailyn caught them.

"Is that how you treat us?!" yelled the black sword.

"Shut up Arai. You're not any better," Kailyn said.

"Exactly what is going on?" She is getting more and more mysterious. Who is she?

"These swords have souls, as shown when you call them out saying double souled swords. Each has their own name and personality. The white one is Aiya and the black one is Arai. Aiya is a serving girl and will do anything you want her to as long as it is within her power. Arai is reluctant, and he will only be his strongest if he deems you worthy to work for. These two were the swords of someone I knew."

"Uh huh..." I think I was getting it or maybe not. "And who was the owner?"

"The man called Raymond." Her eyes grew dark. "Apparently he found a new toy to play with so he threw these away."

"A new toy? Do you mean a new release?"

Kailyn slashed Arai at me. "Yes. Since you invited me to join this group of yours, you will meet him someday. I want to see how strong you are. Duel me with your daggers. If you don't win against me, you will not stand a chance against Raymond."

"Double Souled Daggers!" I took hold of my daggers and posed ready to fight. I'll show you Kailyn, how strong I really am.

She smiled, and she took Aiya and Arai. Then she lunged at me. "Bring it," she whispered, slicing me in the arm.

The End

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