I'm The Same


I shouldn't have pushed her that hard. If she didn't want to tell me, she didn't have to. Plus, it's not like she's the only one hiding something. I have lots of secrets I have yet to tell her. But everything will break if I say a word. She is just that fragile.

I watched as she fell asleep. I stroked her hair, the glossy hair that once shone brighter than the sun. If only she could look so peaceful when she is awake too.

I looked up to the sky. I glimpsed the shape of Raymond in the distance. Wait... Nah, that's just Aaron. I must be dreaming...


You are to serve her. Make her trust you and lead her to me.

"As you wish my lord."


I watched the girl blank out in front of me. Blood was splattered everywhere. I walked up to her and caressed her. "It's alright."

There was no reply, but her shoulder blades began heating up. I went as far away as possible. She activated her wings. Then ever so slowly, the white feathers shed and black feathers grew in place. An angel threw away her heart.

She looked at me and her face was brimming with tears. That forced smile was tear-jerking. I don't think that there will ever be a day when I can see her smile again. The smile that woke me up from his spell.

"I'm alright. Don't worry." I will worry no matter what you say... You planned it all didn't you... boss...


I woke up with tears in my eyes. I rubbed it away and found that Kailyn left me. I got up and searched for her. I'll never let her go to him. Not if I can help it.

I turned the corner and heard her speaking to Aaron. I see her put on that false face. I reach out and the old man pulled me back.

"Let them be. Besides... I have a few questions to ask you."

The End

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