The "King" of the Underworld


"Well I am Terrence, an Alpha. I used to work for the "king" of the underworld..."

Wow, that was a very lame start. I can't believe I'm the one telling the story. I thought that princess was gonna speak up, but oh well. I should probably leave out some personal stuff.

"King? I have never heard of such a thing!" The old man exclaimed.

"He is not officially a king. He is just a powerful and rebellious angel who..."

"An angel? Not a fallen one?" The boy interrupted me. Now that I think of it... He looks too much like Raymond. No that can't be right. I have never heard of him saying something like that.

"Nope. He is just one plain angel."

"What in heaven is he doing here then?"

"I have no clue, but anyways, we, the underworld creatures obeyed him like little pawns. We listened to everything that he said no matter what. It was like a spell was casted upon us. So I was also one of these pawns until I met Kailyn some time ago."

"I see... But how does Kailyn come into the story?" The old man looks interested, but I can't really say much... I looked over at Kailyn and she sighed.

"It was not too long ago. I fell into hell for a month already, and while I was wandering around the lands, I met him. He was an annoying fellow, but kept me company. And for some reason, unlike all the other Alphas, he didn't lay a hand on me. That's why he is so docile."

Why she was lying, I didn't know but I have to play along. "Annoying? Is that what you think of me now? That's so mean!" Then I went into my playful mode and went up to her ear. "Are you sure about this?"

"Yeah," she mumbled.

"I see..." The boy didn't trust me much. "What's your name boy? Old man too."

"Me? I'm Aaron Silvette and he's Herman Decker." Silvette. If I'm not mistaken, that should be Raymond's mother's name. Wait... Never mind. He never really spoke much about his family anyways. However, Kailyn seemed shocked. She is still hiding something from me, and I intend to get it out sometime.

"Well I should just suppose that the two of you also met down here, right?"

"Yeah. He was just an old bum so I had to come and protect him." That boy knows how to speak. The old man ranted and I almost laughed, but controlled myself.

"Let's go to sleep now." Kaliyn walked off to the corner of the down place and sat down. "Well need to move to a different hide-out, so I think we should get some rest while we can."

"I agree," said the old man. We all settled ourselves. I went over to Kailyn and saw tears coming out of her eyes.

I sat down with her. "What's wrong my dear? Tell me everything."

The End

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