A Shocking New Outcome


Why does he look so much like him? Aaron... Who exactly is he? Why do I remember those useless thoughts with Raymond? That jerk... He even follows me to hell, or rather he was always in hell. Too bad no one knows.

I woke up to find Aaron and Herald?, was it, staring at me. I flung myself back as a defense mechanism but I found my body too paralyzed to move. Sherman took a lot of damage during that fight.

"It's okay don't move too much." The old man had a little fairy-like creature floating around his head. He knows Pixie Contract, a weak release that focuses on defenses more than attacks.

"Are you okay?" Aaron bent over but I flick my head away.

"I'm fine thank you very much. I will take my leave now if you'll excuse me." I got ready to leave as soon as I had the ability to move.

"Don't leave yet." Aaron grabbed me half-way. I struggled to yank him off but it failed. "At least tell me your name and what you just did before."

"The name's Kailyn. Sacrificial Beast is basically a technique to control a beast. You put your soul in the creature to tame it, give it a name, and then fight with it."

"If it isn't too much to ask, why are your wings all black?" the old man asked. Ugh. They ask way too many questions.

"I'm sorry Herald, but I will be unable to answer that question until I am able to put all my trust into you."

"The name's Herman, my lady, and I understand your situation." Oops...

"In any case, I think you should stick with us." Aaron pulled me even closer. Acts the same and even has the same attitude. Twins? I slapped him.

"Is this one way to ask a person a favor? In addition, I'm a lady here. And you should probably give me a reason as to why I should stay."

He let go of me and rubbed his hand on his sore cheek. "I can't say that you will be unprotected in the wild, but if anything, will you stay for the old man and me? As you might know, the old man's release is useless in fighting, and I'm still a beginner at this."

I looked at the two. Should I stay or not? I'll probably cause trouble for the two if I did. But then I'll just be leading myself into a trap if I don't.

"Why don't you stay with them my princess? I'll join you guys too if you want." A shadow jumped out from the fallen rocks.


"How many times must I tell you not to call me by that nickname?" He walked closer to me and put his hand over my shoulder.

"Who is he?" asks Aaron.

"He is an Alpha. The highest class of the underworld's evil." I rolled my eyes as he tried to lick me with his tongue unsuccessfully.

"Basically I'm a Frar times a hundred." He just had to say that to make things worse.

The other two looked at me. "Then the two of you are evil?" They immediately used their releases.

"The opposite. I'm a friend."

The End

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