Sacrificial Beast


I rubbed my eyes in shock. In all my years of living, I have never seen an angel with black wings. In addition, it is pure black, with no hint of white at all. This girl has seriously given up on life.

"Oh dear. I harmed master's precious pet. I am surely to be punished." The Er pulled back it's hideous claws and blood gushed out of her. Ugh. Not a very good scene.

"Don't be early to decide on that. Release, Sacrificial Beast!"

A cyclone of wind gushed out with the girl as the eye of the storm. I hid behind all that was left of the rocky wall in the cave and waited for everything to clear.

I replay thoughts and information in my head. Sacrificial Beast is a very complicated release for angels to use as a power. One sacrifices his soul to merge with an animal, preferably a beast. In the fight, if the beast dies, the soul drifts into eternal sleep, never able to be reborn again. Very few angels make these contracts because it is really hard to control the animals in the first place. In addition, it takes away energy from the user, giving him a very short life.

By that time, the storm died away and the dust cleared. Standing in the middle, the girl was tied up in chains on a metal cross. In front was her beast, a snow gray wolf. In the back of her was that idiot that would still not move away.

"Wow. This was not in my information about you. Master is being mean." The Er positioned for a fight.

I saw a glimpse of the wolf. She glared at me and then flicked her head towards Aaron. I nodded and she rushed forward to bite the Er right on its back.

I ran for my life towards Aaron and got there as the other side of the wall crumbled with the impact of the Er.

"Gramps, what exactly is happening?"

"Her release is the Sacrificial Beast. She traded her soul to an animal to fight for her. Or rather both her and the beast fight together. I wouldn't know cause I haven't seen this before, but it is best for us to get out of here."

"I feel like an idiot. I don't think that I will be able to walk."

"Then fly! That's what you have wings for right?" I really have to teach that brat a thing or two about the basis of living.

The wolf was now tearing at the legs of the Er. The Er's lashing tail whipped at the poor creature. But one hit missed. That one hit changed the direction of the battle. Its tail stroke the girl's body at the cross. It injured the wolf and the body at the same time.

"Ho ho ho, it seems like your left behind body is the weak point right?" The Er struggled free from her grip and slashed its claw on her bare skin. The wolf's fur was also buried in blood.

"I'll leave for now. If I were to bring you back like this, I might as well die." It took off through the empty ceiling produced by the fight and crumbling rocks.

Her release went back to normal as the wolf disappeared into the air. The cross release the body that collapsed onto the floor.

I left the boy and went rushing towards the poor girl. She has been through too much...

The End

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