Black Wings


I couldn't watch the poor girl sit there. She looked so fragile, so different from the steel defense she had when I first met her.

I looked at the old geezer and he shook his head. "It's probably best if you leave her for a bit. She seems to be scared of you."

I growled. Couldn't I do something? I walked over to the entrance of our hideout and sat down for the watch. The old man was crouched over her begging her to drink something.

"Rawr!!!" The ceiling above me cracked and fell. I quickly activated my wings and flew over to the others' side.

"Herman, what is this? I thought you said that this place was unbreakable."

"Oh, if that's what you think, then you're totally wrong my dears." The Frar spoke. This was the first that I have ever heard a Frar speak.

"Who are you, what do you want?" Wow, and what's the whole point of asking that gramps?

"Release!" My black and white swords appeared in my hands. I dashed forward and attacked the Frar. However, it was a failure as I got knocked back, smashing the wall behind me. Pain shot through me like a bunch of arrows piercing my skin.

"Dumbass. This is an Er. It's at a higher level than a Frar."

"You seem smart old man. Well I am a Er, and I just came to talk. Nothing else. My master wants to tell you that he will come to fetch the girl. If you don't want anything to happen to you, just quietly hand her over."

"Don't do it!" I yelled. But I couldn't do anything. My legs were paralyzed. Grr... Why at a time like this...

A gust of wind rushed by and the Er stood on top of me. "Suffer your consequence young one..." Come on, I didn't even do anything. I brace myself for the pain though I was about to lose conscious any second now.

Drip. Something splatter on my face. I took my hand and wiped it off my face. Blood. The girl was standing over me with her chest and back covered in blood.

"It hate you. Why do you have to look so much like him? Why did you have to save me? I could've had a better time off." She looked at the Er and smiled. "Activate."

Black wings. Pure black wings that angels would never have grew out of her back.

The End

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