Crazy Meeting You Here


Kailyn sat there in the corner of the cave languorously. There was nothing better to do. There is nothing but a sad scene to see. The sky was darkened, and at night you would see a bloody red moon. Trees were wilted and the grounds cracked from the lack of moisture. Scattered around were some caves and rocks for the certain inhabitants of this desolated place; fallen angels, and Frars.

Frars are the angels that have truly given up on living. After spending a lot of time in hell, they have gone crazy and turned into this drastic form. Some human and animal spirits also wander to hell and also turn into Frars. They consume the souls of the living, and are only killed by pure angels if they wander out of hell.

Kailyn strolled out of her hiding place and wandered around. Her hazel hair whipped at her face as she headed out. The laced white dress that she was wearing was covered with soot and dust from her time of wandering for a month. There was no point in staying any more.

Not paying attention to what was going on, a Frar came wandering by, attracted to the scent of prey. It quickly rushed over to Kailyn lashing out and ready to kill her.

"Now I can die in peace..." Kailyn muttered. She closed her eyes getting ready for the worst.

"What are you standing there for idiot?!"

Slash! The Frar split in half and disappeared into dust. A man stood in front of Kailyn was dressed in a black and gold embroidered outfit. He was holding two swords, one black and the other white. His black hair moved with the wind.

He turned to face Kailyn. "What exactly were you doing? You could've been killed!"

Kailyn looked towards the floor. "It's okay. It's not like there's any point in living anymore. We can't even get out of this place."

The guy's face softened. "Don't mean that. Once you find out more about this place, it's really exciting. Come on, and let's get you over to my master."

Dragging the reluctant Kailyn, the guy managed to return back to his secret base, a hole underneath the ground. He was greeted with a smack on the head.

"You moron. You couldn't defeat it in two seconds. It's a shame to your record." The one who hit him was an old and fragile angel that has probably been in the underworld for over five centuries or more. When he looked at the girl, he sighed and said, "Did you make sure?"

"Yeah. Her attitude was too straightforward to be a Frar."

"Welcome my dear. My name is Herman. This thing over here is Aaron. You can rest here and be sure that there is no danger."

"Thing?! You're the thing here!" The old angel and the young quarreled back and forth. Kailyn was still "dead" and just stood there until the two actually stopped.

"What's wrong my dear? Feeling unwell?" asked Herman.

"Why didn't you let me die?"

"Die? Why? Have you done something really bad?"

"Bad? You make me laugh. As if everything wasn't bad already." Kailyn snapped. "Just when I escaped, he'll find me again."

"Hey, are you really okay?" Aaron lifted his hand towards her and she slapped it away.

"Don't touch me. It's crazy meeting you here. You look so similar. You even act like him... You're haunting me aren't you? Raymond..." Kailyn looked up and tears were streaming down her face.

The other two became silent at the sight and left her to weep alone.

The End

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