White Angel Black Wings

An angel by the name of Kailyn sinned by killing her lover, a fellow angel named Raymond. Her sins brought her down to the level of the devils. Will she rise up again to soar in the skies or will she sink deeper into the depth of hell...

01 I'm Sorry (Narrator)

The thundering clouds roared above in the skies. The rain was pouring nonstop for the past week... God was angry.

Up in the heavens, farther away from Earth in time and space itself, angels live and roam. Angels were the pure souls that roam around under the care of God until they were sent to be born. Each lives a life and passes through many trials to determine their life and behaviors on Earth. Once a certain number of years have passed, God would take away the human soul, also known as death. After death, you're gone and will never show up again. In this world, you have two lives, one in heaven, and one on Earth.

Hell served its purpose as a land of eternal suffering. If an angel committed an unforgivable act, they were sent to the underworld. But what was truly terrifying was not because you live in a dark and scary place. It was because you lived an eternal life. Doing nothing in an empty void wasn't the best thing to pass the time with.

And right now, God is angry. Kneeling before him was his most precious child, Kailyn. She was the most beautiful being ever made by the hands of God. However, as always, a balance was needed. As beautiful as she was, there was always an evil asleep inside of her, a deep emotion of hate. It didn't matter how much hate an angel has, they were still pure until they reach the Earth. But it seems things didn't go as planned.

"My child, would you mind telling me why you killed him?" God pleaded and tried to control his temper.

"Father, I have no explanation. You planted this hate inside of me. I just used it because it existed. There is no other reason than that." Kailyn left the altar once again and headed out to the gardens. Slowly but surely, her white wings began to darken with her growing hate.

"Oh I give up. There's no other choice. I'm sorry..."

The End

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