We are sitting at the dinner table, the same as every night. Dad at the head, mom and Sasha on his right, and I on his left. It was something I never understood, why we needed a table large enough to seat 8 people when there were only the four of us at home. The expression on dad's face screams of the importance of what he had to say. And as he clears his throat, the expression's severity increases. 

"There is something we have to share with you two" he starts to say, mom shifts uncomfortable in her chair. I know he is talking about Sasha and I. I feared for the worst and prepared as best as I could. "It is about your mom." After a long breath that lasted forever, he continued. "We were at the hospital today. Your mom has cancer, and her treatment starts this week." 

He continued speaking, telling more about it all, but it is all lost on me. I hear nothing after him mentioning mom having cancer. The sight in my eyes is vacant, only the walls of the room visible as they end my vision. Only as dad loudly calls out to me while tapping me on my wrist, do I return. 

"You have to take care of your sister. You are the elder one, and she is your responsibility" he says to me. I can only nod in quiet agreement. 

The collapsing world stops as Sasha's face floats in my eyes. I see her crying, the tears staining her pale face and my memory is triggered. I cannot remember for how long I was staring at her face, before finally recognising her as my little sister. She had been my responsibility. I had been taking care of her, sleeping with her every night, wiping away the tears from her sleeping face, brushing her hair and readying her for school every morning. They were all things that were recent. As familiar as they all seem, they also feel new, like I had been doing them only since a short while. 

As I find my balance once again, and regain my feet, I realise the white world around me. Sasha. The name seems so familiar. Like it means a great deal to me. But I can't remember much about it. Who is Sasha? And why is she so important? 

The questions only haunt me, and they remain strong along with the other questions. I feel certain Sasha is important in me realising who I am and what is happening to me, so I must remember. Sasha. 

There is a face floating around me. But I know it is not Sasha's. I cannot understand how I know this, but I know it. And I cannot remember who the face is.

The End

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