white world - 1

Memories...a luxury I cannot offer myself...
Lost in a strange place I have no memory of having gotten to, the greatest mystery I have ever encountered is my own life...

I am asleep. I know that for certain because all I see is the darkness shrouding me. I know for certain because I feel rested, the strength returning in my body from the long period of relaxation. I know for certain because I can feel the need to open my eyes, to wake up. And yet, I feel uncertain. 

I open my eyes to a strange world, unlike anything I had ever seen. Everything around me is white, a stark contrast to how it had all been until a moment ago. As far as my eyes can reach, I see nothing but white. I can't even determine for certain if I am looking at walls or an infinite space of white. I hope it is a dream, and if not, at least it is a large room of white I woke up in. But neither show any signs of being true. I can feel the sense of hopelessness building a fort in me, and I know I am lost. 

I have no recollection of the place, of having ever known of any such place, of how I got here or of why I am here. The infinite questions that seem to erupt in my head find no answers and quickly leave. It wasn't long, before I am left with very few questions remaining. They were the how, the why and the what, of the place. 

Stranger still is the fact that I cannot remember anything else, other than the white world I woke up in. What little sanity I could hold for myself is quickly lost with the single question forming in my head, who am I? In the face of that question and the absence of an answer for it, I am shattered. And I feel the world falling apart around me. 

What is this place? Where am I? What is happening? And more importantly, who am I?

The End

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