Prologue. October 15th 2000.

When Violet sat down at the desk and peered out of the window into the encroaching darkness outside she had the strangest sensation of being watched. The hairs on the back of her neck standing up and a shiver running down her spine. It was almost as if she could feel the gaze flickering over her as she sat riveted to the seat. She stood up to drawn the curtains closed but as she did, a shadow passed around the edge of the building. She chuckled to herself, it was probably just a cat or the Lawson’s German Sheppard again but for an instant she could almost have sworn it was person sized and that the shadow had actually looked in her direction. Ridiculous she knew but still the sense that it hadn’t just been a stray wouldn’t shift. Dragging the curtains closed Violet stood uneasily behind them feeling herself let out a breath she hadn’t even realised that she’d been holding. Christ on a crutch she thought to herself, this hall of residence might as well be fort knocks for all the bumbling security staff around campus lately, she was just being stupid. Too many red bulls trying to get the last thousand words of that essay done, she laughed at herself, rolling her shoulders to relieve the tension.

There were thirty nine other people living in this building so what the hell was wrong with her today. It wasn’t the first time she had been on her own in the hall, plus when you consider the places location right at the edge of campus practically on the main road, what was really going to happen. There was the possibility of caffeine over dose or the much likelier possibility that she would actually die of boredom whilst trying to think of anything remotely interesting to write about the hideously bad American remake of the ring that her film class had been subjected to the week before. That was probably the real reason for her agitation, in the last forty eight hours she had watched every horror film she owned including all the obscure Japanese, Korean and Spanish films she had miraculously found on eBay. Earth to horror queen, this is university not a Wes craven movie. Ahh how sweet that would actually be. Jeez I’m actually completely losing the plot Violet thought as she plopped back down into the chair.

The loosed floor board in the corridor outside her bedroom door creaked and Violet had to stifle her scream. Laughing at her own incredible stupidity and unusually jumpy state she grudgingly stood back up and walked the four foot across the room to the door. Throwing open the door Violet fully expected to scare the living crap out of Joe or Adam coming back from a lecture. Stepping into the corridor apology on the tip of her tongue Violet jerked to a halt. Standing a few feet away from her at the entrance to the bathroom area was a hooded figure standing deathly still. Looking up at the sound of the door opening Violet caught a glimpse of the man’s face. Instinctively Violet stepped back and bit her lip to keep the gasp in. This guy definitely didn’t live in this hall, but it wasn’t that that had caught her attention. It was the drops of too bright, too thick red spotting the musty beige carpet underneath his sleeve. Violet tried not to notice the glint in the hall lighting where the guys hand should be. That was where the dripping was coming from. Snapping out of her stunned paralysis Violet bolted toward the stairs opposite her bedroom door. The corridor light had been winking off what had looked like a very long and very sharp looking kitchen knife. Later she hoped that she would be finding this hilariously funny in the union when her friends confessed to setting up the horror junkie with exactly what she’d just been thinking. A real Wes Craven, Dario Argento moment to brighten up her otherwise mundane life. But right now the only thing Violet was conscious of thinking was that she had better not trip over the bottoms of her ludicrously long faux Goth jeans.

By the time Violet was half way down the first flight of stairs she heard the door open above her, hoisting her jeans up around her waist she practically leapt down the last few steps. Careful girlie or you’ll break you’re ankle and get left crawling down the corridor like a lame ass horror bimbo. Throwing herself through the heavy fire doors at the bottom she broke out into a sprint down the ground floor corridor. She didn’t even bother to knock on any of the closed doors or to yell and scream for help, that never did anyone any good. Just get out of the front door and across the road to the union, everything would be okay then. It was then that she realised that she had not head the fire doors opening behind her, she stumbled to a stop and paused for breath. This was the point in all her favourite movies where the heroine of the movie makes a monumental fuck up. Run for the lobby and out the front door straight across the lawn and across to the union or assume that knife wielding nut job has been smart and doubled back to the front stairs and therefore go back to the stair well and try letting herself out the back door and slip around to the front of the building. Catching her breath Violet berated herself for her indecision she was losing valuable time. Which ever way she was going now was the time. Because if this wasn’t the media Muppets having a laugh at her expense then she was about to become a fucking Tobe Hooper masterpiece right there on the crummy university carpet.

Fuck it, this is real life remember. Violet launched herself across the last twelve feet of carpet and slammed through the door into the lobby, slamming straight into the knife wielding crazy. Shit, wrong choice she thought. Before she could even think about reversing into the corridor the guys hands gripped her upper arms tight enough to hurt. She opened her mouth to scream but all that came out was a strangled whimper. Oh god she hopped she was going to pee her pants, that’d really give the media Muppets a show. That thought sobered her up enough to get something through her fear and caffeinated brain. To be holding her arms this tightly he couldn’t possibly be holding the knife too.

Stamping the heel of her trainer into the top of his foot and bringing her knee up towards his crotch Violet shoved him. It wasn’t hard enough to get him to let go of her but his grip loosened a little. She made a break to the right to go round him but he was too quick. He slammed her into the wall. She felt her forehead connect. Then she was dropping like a stone to the floor. She put her palm against the wall to try to stand up. He was already on her flipping her onto her stomach. Pinning her. One arm pulled hard up her back bringing tears to her eyes. Burning pain ripped wetly across her back. Violets voice came back then as she howled. What the hell was he doing. Then she felt the subtle movements of the edge of the blade slicing through her favourite t-shirt and slitting her skin. Only enough to break the skin. Make her bleed a little. Like paper cuts, really long paper cuts. A few slashes later and the pain dulled enough to let her brain kick in again. Begging seemed a bit pointless at this point so instead Violet let out her best imitation scream queen scream. Just as she screamed knife guy jabbed the blade all the way in. Almost as if he’d expected the scream. The nerve shattering pain killed the scream mid breath, leaving her gasping beneath him. Taking in a deep breath Violet arched her back and then flattened against the floor. But again he was ready for the attempt. All pre tense at a joke or escape fled right then. Violet lost count of how many times the knife fell before finally the corridor faded into black. Seconds or hours later she started drifting in and out of the ether. Screaming at the pain in her back. Pure unadulterated terror replaced the blood in her veins as she realised she couldn’t move. Since she could still see her hands out in front of her on the floor she knew she wasn’t tied. The growing pool of warm red radiating out from under her made her gag. He’d cut something, something important in her back. Either that or she was in shock. Violet screamed again. There was a sharp pain in her skull. Then everything was black.

Wiping the latex gloves he was wearing on his jumper he laughed to himself. He put the knife in the ankle sheath he had hidden beneath his jeans. He flexed his knuckles, hitting her with the handle of the knife had made his hand cramp, but still, that high pitched screaming was enough to pierce your brain. Hauling the girl up by the waist he bent his knees and threw her over his shoulder, taking a moment to get his balance. He strolled down the hallway like he didn’t have a care in the world, walking into the ground floor kitchen come living room he dumped the girl unceremoniously onto the floor.

On one of the plastic dining table chairs there was an attractive blonde girl who looked sound asleep. Of course she wasn’t. The blood drooling from her slack mouth onto her designer jumper gave that away. The blood was already clotting. How the curvy brunette he’d just dumped on the floor hadn’t heard that one screaming amused him greatly. That one had been a sandwich short of a picnic, not catching on to what was about to happen until he literally poked her in the side with the knife. Then she’d screamed, like one of those bimbo cheerleaders in all those American movies. He’d liked that. A bit of a ruckus was fun. Pilled in the middle of the floor was some rope and what looked like the kind of metal hooks they had at butchers shops for cow carcasses.

He had already screwed a couple of the hooks into the ceiling, so he picked up a length of rope and tied the right hand of the blonde to the left hand of the brunette. Then with seemingly little effort he picked up the designer blonde and positioned her in front of the left hand hook. He held her up so that the top of her head was brushing the ceiling. Then he shoved. Hard. There was a surprisingly loud cracking sound and a wet slurping noise as the body jerked onto the hook, the point protruding through the girls throat just below her chin. The sickly sound and the trickle of blood this produced brought a sick smile to his lips. He looked at the other girl hanging limply from the blondes arm and his smiled broadened. She was coming round again. Her eye lids fluttered open and she looked wildly around her, unable to move her head her field of vision must have been severely limited. She could see him clearly though. Her mouth opened and closed like a fish as she tried to breath, to not pass out again. Then as he lifted her off the ground he twisted her so she could see the other girl and the hook in the ceiling. She tried to scream but it came out as a desperate wet gurgle. He laughed. He turned her so that she was in the same position as the already dead girl. He gave her a kiss on the cheek. Her face creased in confused terror. Eyes rolling back into her head again. Then he pushed. Bones snapped, there was the sound of something wet tearing. Then the hook came out just under her bottom lip. He tightened his grip on her as her body bucked with the last beats of her heart. When she stopped moving he let the hook take her full weight. As the body dropped blood splashed across his face. He licked a little off his lips and laughed. The sound of the front door clicking shut caught his attention and he moved to the window. He slipped out of the window effortlessly and stood just out of the pool of light the kitchen light cast. A pretty little red headed girl fell through the kitchen door laughing as he boyfriend steadied her. As they stepped fully into the room they jerked to a stop. Outside he took one last look. As he turned away the red head screamed. He smiled broadly. Whistling as he walked.

The End

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